Steven D. Jennings

I would like to introduce to all of you Steven D. Jennings, like me, he is incarcerated as well.

He has two blogs: Steven D. Jennings which is his personal blog along with another blog called Stone City Blog which is a collection of blogs written by other inmates.

Steven has been incarcerated for quite some time now and even in such a chaotic environment he manages to use his time wisely and do something positive for himself. He is a great inspiration to me among many others.

Like me, Steven has goals that he strives for each day while trying to find success while incarcerated as well as after his release.

He has a variety of great content on both of his pages. Some of his post titles on his own personal blog are as follows: Kermit the frog, Being too loud in the morning, Negative comments provide an opportunity to grow, Narcissism, Random thoughts, Glossary of prison terms, 6 ways to get your ass kicked in prison and How I blog from prison.

Steven also has an eBook published called “Stone City: Life in the Penitentiary” which I highly recommend purchasing. Read about the events that led up to the day that change Steven’s life forever and what exactly life behind bars is really like.

Steven and I both were fortunate enough to find that special lady (Suzie and Jen) along our journey incarcerated. Both are such strong women who not only encourage and support their inmates but put in countless hours of hard work in order to help their man achieve his dreams of finding success.

Steven and Suzie are an unstoppable team and because of that I know that great things are in store for them.

Connect with Steven: Facebook, Twitter, JPay, Website, Blog

Connect with Suzie: Email, Blog, Website


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