Another week down


I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend…I’ve got a lot of great content for this upcoming week. We are going to start things off in a major way tomorrow with a story about this young guy here in prison with me and his story about why he is locked up.

Just to give you a little preview about what all that is about…

Imagine if you walked in on a potential rape in progress.

Yeah. This is definitely NOT a story to miss.

Also there are a bunch of new cartoons coming this week. So I hope you will check back for those as well.

Thanks to all of you who comment regularly and are now emailing me too.

A special shout out to ErikaKind, Nutsrok, Stone City Blog, Suzie M. Jennings, Steven D. Jennings, N.A.M.E., heartwordsforpoetry, My Friday Blog, and Corner of Confessions.

If you don’t know who these individuals are, then I highly recommend that you check out their blogs and follow them as well.

These are high quality bloggers concerned for far more than just their numbers and who are creating compelling and entertaining material that is certainly worth your time to engage in.

Also, if you haven’t heard I’m now able to email from prison. So if you are ever interested in corresponding directly with me the information on how to do so is provided through the link.

That is everything for now so stay tuned for everything coming this week.


8 thoughts on “Another week down

  1. Hey, thank you, Joe, for the mention!!! That is so very nice of you… big hug for that!!!
    And for everybody who reads this comment I ask you to sign up for emailing with Joe. It is important that he gets as much air from outside as possible!!! Don’t mind the procedure … even I made it… lol!!!

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  2. Thanks so much for shoutout. I had already discovered Suzie M. Jennings blog today. You are right about Erika Kind, Friday Blog, Stone City Blog and Stephen Jennings. Will definitely be checking out the others.

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