A guy named Google

Prison Visitor Fee

Originally posted April 7, 2014

Back when I was at the jail I met a guy everyone called “Google”.  I can’t really remember why he said he was given this nickname but I think it had something to do with him being “good” with the computer.

Google was a tall goofy lengthy looking younger guy who kinda resembled an ogre.

He also had some very heinous and disturbing charges that he was facing quite a bit of time for.

He, as well as two others, were charged with a home invasion where the three had allegedly broke into an old ladies home, tied her up, beat her up, and then robbed her.

This was a very high profile case. It was plastered all over the news. There were even pictures of the old lady with a black eye and bruised face.

This was a very terrible crime.

I felt no remorse for Google who had it quite rough at the jail.

The snitches were all over his case, possibly trying to jump on it and use whatever they could as leverage to testify against him.

Guys were always beating him up; stealing from him…I guess what goes around comes around.

When I first met Google it was only because I was forced to be housed in the same cell block as this dude.

After learning what he was charged with, under no circumstances would I have dealt with this guy-except that I had no other choice but to since we were housed together.

Oh, and because I quickly realized how despised and hated he was and how he was willing to do anything just to be liked or even barely tolerated…I made him my tattoo assistant.

Or my bitch…whatever you prefer.

Back then I was tattooing every single day, pretty much all day to. So I really didn’t have a lot of time to do shit like make food or clean up. So through what I made tattooing, I used some of that to pay Google to do what I never felt like doing.

Now I know calling another man my bitch seems to have quite a bit of gay undertone especially being incarcerated and all. But I mean this in the most heterosexual way possible.

When I say he was my bitch, I mean that as my bitch he would do whatever I asked him to do.

Again…no homo.

For example, I would say “Hey Google go make me some coffee”. Or “Get this tattoo padding ready for me.” And he would do that.

Yes, I took full advantage of the fact he was in a bad situation.

I don’t care, either.

The world is very “doggy dog”

Throughout the time that I knew Google I asked him why the hell he would do such a heinous thing as what he was charged with.

What could possibly make a guy and his friends break into an old woman’s home beat and rob her.

“Drugs” he said.

He said he was strung out on drugs.

I’m locked up for drugs. My charges stem from drug addiction too. But mine are non-violent.

I could never see myself doing something as despicable as to what he had done and then simply saying drugs made me do it.

If in some other life, one where I was actually even capable of such an atrocity and I had committed an act as deplorable as what Google had done, and someone asked me why I had done it, I might say “because I am a monster that is why.”

Doesn’t that sound like a much more satisfying response?

I also knew Google throughout his entire court process. I witnessed firsthand all that he went through. Some of which actually made me sick to my stomach.

Google was offered a plea deal for 25 years… that is a quarter century!

He was in his early 20’s at the time I think he was 23. So he was given a chance to come home at close to 50 years old.

I guess there is still some life after that.

But like most that I see who are offered football number plea deals as we like to call them, Google turned down the offer.

He then decided he was going to fight his case, in an effort to beat his charges probably just as he had beaten that old lady.

The problem with this was that if he didn’t win at court, then the deal was gone and he could very likely end up getting a lot more time then what was originally offered, especially considering the heinous nature of his crime and the fact that it was very high profile. Meaning that it was on the news more than a few times.

The only good thing I tried to do here was I tried to convince Google to take the plea deal. I told him that he didn’t have a leg to stand on at court and that the jail house snitches were already trying like all hell to jump on his case and testify against him.

But he wouldn’t listen.

His court appointed lawyer came to see him before trial and also tried to convince him, to take the deal. He said that there were 6 different people from the jail who had wrote to the prosecutor claiming to have information on his case!

That’s 6 different snitches that tried to jump on his case!

Yet, he still felt he had a chance fighting the case.

Because the case was so high profile, Google had to have a jury trial. I think he even told me that most of his jury was old ladies.

This guy was definitely about to get buried in court.

The trial didn’t even last that long, maybe just a couple of days. But I will never forget the day when it ended and Google came back into the cell block. I was doing a tattoo as I was usually doing. Maybe it was because I was the closest thing this horrible dude had to a friend, but it was me that he first told the news to of what had happened at court.

He walked into the cell I was in very somber like, very indifferent or maybe in shock.

I don’t really know.

He stood there for a moment, and then he said, “They just found me guilty of 22 felonies…the jury just recommended 206 years.”

I was completely blown away by this. Not because I felt sorry for him or because I didn’t feel like the punishment fit the crime. To be honest when it comes to my thoughts on those two subjects I’m not really sure how I felt. But I was blown away because I was standing in the presence of a guy who had just basically given his life to prison.

Like he had just killed himself!

Google had the opportunity to spare himself from a life sentence by taking the plea. Yet he refused to accept it. Now he will be forced to make the second most ultimate sacrifice.

“Life in prison!”

When Google went to sentencing the judge had the power to accept or reject the jury’s recommendation.

The jury had recommended that he serve 206 years… that is like 2 life sentences plus 6 years.

Well, the judge did reject the jury’s recommendation.

Instead, he sentenced Google to 216 years.

The judge gave him an additional 10 years for the heinous nature of his crime.

It has been over 3 ½ years since I last saw Google. I actually ran in to him at the receiving unit prisoners go to after the leave their jails.

He was very optimistic there. He felt he had a chance at an appeal.

I, myself, didn’t share his optimism.


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