Trying to save the world from prison


For those of you who might not know, this prison I am at is not a normal prison.

It’s a “program prison” a therapeutic community is what they like to call it. Whatever the hell that means.

Basically this hell on earth that I am at and that I have spent the last 2 year at, out of the 6 ½ years I have been incarcerated thus far…

Is just a level 2 facility that operates as any other level 2 prison would, the only difference and it’s a major difference at that is that right along with the normal operations of a level 2 they have mixed in the programming aspects which is managed and maintained by an outside company.

This outside company brings in tons of people they like to refer to as counselors who are suppose to hold and over see groups all day long.

Monday thru Friday…

In the twelve different housing units across the entire compound.

These groups and counselors are in some way supposed to help guys like myself here.

But, in many cases, these so called counselors are just individuals with their head shoved so far up their ass they can’t possibly help anyone. Nor can they hold any sort of a group that is in anyway beneficial to the prison population here.

I’ve tried to emphasizes this point in a number of different post here in the past.

A couple of quick facts….

-The average turnover rate for councilors seems to be 6 months…in a lot of cases its way less than that.


Because this place seems to hire just about anybody.

-The main focus of groups at this prison and the main program as a whole comes from a curriculum that no one here believes in or even takes seriously for that matter. It seems to be just a bunch f bullshit put together for the sole purpose to encourage government funding and jobs.

For the sake of providing jobs to people who otherwise might not have them, that is about the only things this place and program are good for.

-The counselors they hire or nowhere trying or even able to help guys like myself.

Well, maybe some do.

But the point of the matter is the majority of staff here doesn’t have the proper training to handle or help us.  Most of them don’t even care either.  I mean, it’s a job, right?

I wonder something else about all of this… What if the staff here did have the proper training…

What if they had all the training in the world?

I don’t think even that would be enough to help the likes of me and everyone else here.


Because everyone here feels the exact same way that I do…

And that is that this is not the type of help they need.

So what does that mean?

Well, it means that this program prison I’m at or at least its agenda is not a solution to the problem.

And what is the problem?

The problem is guys like me and countless others who get out of prison only to come right back.

Now, for the sake of putting all the facts on the table…

Hopefully I’m no longer one of those guys who does come back.

But, being as it is this program prison that I will be leaving from, when I get out and if I never come back then of course that will in some way be used as a positive marker for this prison.

But I can’t emphasize this point the most that if that is the case…

It was not this prison or this program that changed me it was me. I changed me.

So… why do I bring all of this up?

Because there is a lot I am getting ready to go into…

I’m getting ready to give you a prisoner take of this proverbial Band-Aid that has been put on the severed artery that is the D.O.C. attempt to reduce ex cons returning back to prison.

I’m gonna give you a prisoners take on what seems to work and what doesn’t in terms of helping prisoners help themselves.

Some facts and stats. And a bunch of other interesting stuff that is sure to enlighten and intrigue.

Also, all of this is important because I just begun the beginning phases of a book that will take me a year and a half to complete. This book will chronicle 100 prisoners going home from prison and where they are at after a year.

One of the 100 prisoners featured in it will be me. Hence the whole year and a half to complete thing.

Each person featured in it will have a bio section and a completed survey and also a one year follow up.

Out of 100 prisoners how many will have gotten locked up again?

How many would have died?

Or, most important how many would have made it. How many would be doing good after one year…

This is a book I feel could open a lot of people’s eyes to not only changes that need to be made in the D.O.C., but also the mindset of prisoners and their own personal views of their own personal chances of making it after release.

So you see…

I think JoeWriteshiswrongs is just now beginning to find its greater purpose…

I always knew that when I created this blog I wanted it to eventually really be about something. Not just stories chronicling me and my journey and all the crazy stuff that surrounds me. But to eventually be something really good and what is more good than trying to help in my own way bring attention to something I feel needs reformed.

So maybe that could be something Joewriteshiswrongs could focus on.

Oh, and don’t worry…

All the other content you enjoy isn’t going away. It’s just I’ve got to try and do something even MORE. Something that could really mean something and might even help to contribute to some changes.

Because with all the recent deaths and changes with guys I know, as well as guys leaving here only to come right back, I feel like I’ve got to try and do something.


2 thoughts on “Trying to save the world from prison

  1. “I think JoeWriteshiswrongs is just now beginning to find its greater purpose…” It is amazing how you step by step move towards your project. Yeah for you!!!


  2. Wow awesome post!

    I agree that recidivism… Or people returning to prison repeatedly can be an issue, but a very real one. It’s Bc like u said they don’t have the tools of how to truly get back on their feet and their life in the right direction after a situation such as prison .., as with all the personal struggles and upbringings which lead a person there.

    I want to share this with you, ………

    Please if u can , contact…. The peaceful solution character education incorporated. They are a non profit and have an aweeeesomeee curricula and lessons they have people in prison to give them concrete tools to show them how to stop old habits and form healthy ones.

    I can attest to the fact that this program truly is changing lives and prevents the cycle of recidivism from continuing. It changed the life of someone I know…..and I think it will help at your prison.

    Please keep posted!


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