“Don’t ask don’t tell…Hair trimmers”

Originally posted on February 11, 2014


Consider some of what you read on JoeWritesHisWrongs as a guide for any of you who might be considering a break from the free world and a lengthy stay in prison.

Some of what you read here is viable information that could help prevent costly mistakes if ever incarcerated.

This little gem is a perfect example of that and is very important in prison, but it could also be just as important out there in society.

If borrowing hair trimmers from a guy, never ever, ever, never ask if he has used them to “manscape”, before.


Well, why the hell do you think!?!

Because the answer very likely is that HE HAS!

This is the “don’t ask don’t tell- hair trimmer policy”.

If borrowing hair trimmers from a guy always remember to clean them first. Preferably with a butane torch, but if that is not available, then by whatever means possible.

Always remember that when using another grown mans trimmers and even AFTER you’ve cleaned them, they are ONLY to be used to cut the hair on top of your head.

Never, ever, ever, NEV-ER use them to groom your face.

If you do, then this ensures a very disturbing INNUENDO, that you do not mind another man’s genitals in your face.

And you are gay!



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