Malvo…One-half of the “DC Snipers”

Originally posted Feb 25, 2014


I can’t remember what year it was, probably sometime around 2003. But there was a time when I was in Chesapeake City Jail the same time as Malvo.

Malvo and Muhammad were the DC Snipers that killed a bunch of innocent people with a sniper rifle.

These two assholes were true definition of “pieces of shit.”

Malvo was to be tried in Chesapeake, Virginia due to security concerns, Muhammad in Virginia Beach, for the same reasons.

Chesapeake City Jail and Virginia Beach City Jail were thought to be the safest for transporting these two monsters back and forth to court because both jails had one thing in common.

Underground tunnels.

Prisoners were transported through these tunnels that connected the jail to courts.

During the time of the trials for these two, I witnessed a lot of crazy shit. Especially, considering I was working as a “trustee” in the kitchen at the jail Malvo was being held at.

During the time Malvo was to arrive at the jail, we kept going on lockdown. I determined this was to ensure that we as prisoners, and possibly staff as well, never fully knew when he actually arrived.

Then, one day he was just there.

Once we knew he was at the jail, things got way more intense.

As a trustee, I helped prepare food for the entire jail population.

Except for Malvo!

The staff had to make all his trays, specifically.

I guess this was to ensure that no one messed with his food. But as I think back to this, I’m not sure if this was exactly the best option. I mean, a lot of people HATED this guy, and for good reason too. But whether anyone ever did mess with his food, and I can only hope that they DID, I don’t know for sure.

Or really care.

The craziest part of all of this was certainly how Malvo was transported to and from court.

Every time they had to move him, the jail went on immediate lockdown. The trustee cell block I was housed in was located directly next door to the “protective custody” cell block Malvo was housed in. Inside the jail, there are these big windows in each of the cell blocks. They look out into the hallways, so each time he was moved we could watch as that happened.

This guy was so “high profile”, that just to move him; he was shackled to a wheel chair and wheeled around by a bunch of the “higher up” jail officials.

I used to watch this in amazement and think to myself, “Man…You’ve got to be absolutely NO “earthly good” if people don’t even want you WALKING.”

All of this happen years ago.

Since then, Muhammed has been executed.

Malvo, last I heard was at some Level “4-5” facility where he is serving LIFE.


2 thoughts on “Malvo…One-half of the “DC Snipers”

  1. your writing is so good, I really enjoy reading your tales of prison, although that sounds kind of odd and I am not happy you are there but it is a world and place most people, like me, don’t know anything about. It is always interesting and always very well done. Thanks. Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

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