Spice… makes a guy cluck like a chicken in prison


With all that I have been talking about lately…

Guys getting out of prison and not making it…

How scared to death I am of falling into that category myself…

All of this would not be complete, if I don’t first tell you about this guy nicknamed “Solo”.

Solos story is one that really drives home the point that for most incarcerated there is not a snowballs chance in hell of making it outside of these prison walls.

Here is his story…

Solo is just your average prisoner.

A guy content with getting through the time he must spend in prison like so many others…

Doing nothing really.

No real plan or purpose.

Just biding his time waiting to go home and do whatever.

Like most prisoners, myself included, Solo gets in trouble from time to time. Maybe even a little more than most. But, Solo finally thought he had got his act together.

He had completed a program here at this prison called “thinking for a change” and maybe that caused him to “think” a little…

Maybe he thought about the fact that he only had 50 something days left till he went home.

Solo got up during one of the groups that we must participate in here at the prison and announced that he had changed his ways…

That he was turning over a new leaf and he was confident that this time he was going to make it.

His “changed ways” lasted all of about 1 hour.

What happen? You might wonder.

Well, after group ended his friend came up to him and asked if he wanted to get high.

Solo, fully aware of the rumors all over the prison about some bad drugs floating around, said “okay”.

“Let’s go get high”.

When others heard what he was going to do, they tried to warn him.

But Solos response verbatim “ I don’t care…I want to cluck like a chicken”.

His exact words, I swear.

So Solo and his friend got high.

Immediately afterwards Solo began to flip out.

He went crazy…

And right in front of a correctional officer at that.

He started swinging wildly at the guard saying “I’m a ninja!! I’m a ninja!!”

The guard backed up, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. But in the midst of all this, Solo grazed the guards ID badge flipping it up with an upper cut.

At that point, the guard began fighting with Solo who was now fighting or at least attempting to fight the guard.

Crazed, and out of his mind on drugs, Solo was subdued to say the least and could now face and assault on staff charge that carries an additional 5 years and an immediate transfer to a level 5 facility.

Again, I say…He had 50 something days left until his release.

If he was looking to (cluck like a chicken), I’m guessing that is exactly what he did.

A lot of guys here don’t stand a chance out there in the world…

Hell, some guys can’t even make it out there to the free world before they mess up again.


7 thoughts on “Spice… makes a guy cluck like a chicken in prison

  1. I can understand, well, sort of. My old man gets out in 10 days. After spending 37 of my 39 years on the planet inside. He got out 8 years ago, was the only time I’ve ever seen the man in the real world. A year later he was back in. He did meth for the first time ever and got busted selling pills soon after. He’s now 64 years old, I am very anxious to see how he does out here. I keep thinking about Shawshank and the whole institutionalized mentality. Hopefully he’s too damn old to be messing about and get into anymore trouble.
    Best of luck to you man, when you get out. I know we don’t know each other but from what I read on here, you’ve got your head screwed on right and will prosper out here in the freaky ass real world!

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      1. Thanks! And how strange, I’ve only ever called him Pops when talking to him, never Dad. But yeah hoping he has realized he wasted most of his life and stays positive. It was the freaking seventies the last time he was really out in the world. His short stint eight years ago he never made it outta the halfway house. I wish you the best man, keeping writing and I’ll keep reading!

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  2. I made a post on my spice trip, and it is indeed the most terrifying drug. Not only is it terrifying, but it’s painful, mentally AND physically. I tried to describe what it’s like the best that I could, and wouldn’t wish that experience among anyone.

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  3. That is such a sad story, not being there I can’t really say I understand how this happens, just seems to me that there should be more help for people in prison, I guess I probably shouldn’t comment on things I know nothing about but it hurts my heart to hear how it is there for you and others, we are all human beings in need. My thoughts and prayers are with you…


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