When the times get tough


In an earlier post I mentioned how guys like Gelico, like myself can get released from prison and end up coming right back. Especially when times get tough and we give up trying to live right because of that.

Well, I was talking to another guy who will be released from prison next week and I was asking him what he plans to do if and when times got tough…?

What would he do if he found himself in a situation where he felt the urge to give up and resort back to his old ways.

Those old ways that ultimately led him to prison.

But as I was asking him this question I started thinking about it myself…

And I mean damn, I thought. This really is a serious question I need to ask and be able to answer it myself…

Because I might face tougher times than anyone.


Because my plans for making it outside these gates are what most people would consider a pipe dream.

Possibly even unrealistic.

Yet, it’s through these dreams and ideas I have I feel is my only chance of being a success story.

But what if none of that pans out…

What if every possible venture I pursue turns into nothing in the end…?

What if because of that I am forced back into a dead end job with horrible pay…?

One of my worst fears ever…

Because I know how easily I can resort back to my old ways in a situation like that.

I guess the only way I can answer that question is by saying I hope I’m strong enough not to give up when the times get tough.

Because one thing is for sure…

Being a guy in my position I’m sure to face plenty of tough times.

And all I can hope is that when I do I never give up and I keep trying.


8 thoughts on “When the times get tough

  1. please don’t ever give up on yourself! just the fact that you are having these thoughts shows me that you are different, that you know and are aware of how difficult it may be but even a low paying job, like I have, done in honestly and with sincere effort will be enough to live a good life, maybe not rich but good nonetheless and you can work on your writing and art in your spare time, like most of us do. I know I will never be rich from my writing but I do it anyway, it is part of me as your art is part of you. I have every confidence that you will do well, lets just say that it is a feeling I have in my deepest sense of things. Namaste.

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  2. Keep pushing and use the support around you. You are not on your own, once you’re out, like so many of these people you know may be, or may feel like. Sometimes you need help, don’t be afraid to take it.

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  3. You are preparing yourself in a wonderful way for the time after you got released. We all are facing hard times. And we all are struggling with right the things that challenge us most. You are doing it with what brought you into prison. But now you know. Walking into a different direction and staying aware of what brought you in will be the best way of helping yourself over the first time until you have enough distance to the past. I guess it is most imporant to sourround yoursefl with people who support this different direction.

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      1. I enjoy it so much that you share your experiences and insights with us. I don’t know what brought you where you are. But honestly I don’t need to know. I just see that you have come a long way. That is the only thing that really counts. I am glad we are connected.


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