Kermit The Frog

Steven D. Jennings


I was on my way to the chow hall when I saw a smashed tree frog in the middle of the walkway. I thought to myself, “Awww, that’s too bad.”

Then, just a few feet ahead, I saw another little tree frog. Alive and well. I swooped down and picked it up before hundreds of feet trampled it to death.

I was about to toss it off to the side, in the grass. But then I realized that all the crows would swoop down and get it.

Every day at meal times, dozens of crows perch on the roof tops and wait for the select few who smuggle bread from the chow hall and then toss it out into the grass. I used to be one of those guys until I got an infraction for “feeding the wildlife”.

Now I just save little green tree frogs from certain death. And…

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