A follow up to “Actions speak louder than words”

So, do you remember the class I had mentioned on possibly trying to start here called “Work progress”? (For more on that read “Actions speak louder than words”)

Well here is an update on that…

I’ve put together an outline of what the class would be about…

What does it hope to accomplish…

Why it would be successful.

I’ve got everything pretty much ready to go and I have even gone as far as trying to talk to the head woman in charge who could sign off on this class and make it a “go”.

Notice how I say “trying to talk to the woman”.

Well, when I did try and talk to her she told me that I needed to write a request form to her in order to schedule an appointment. So I wrote the request to her a week ago and still haven’t heard anything back.

To be honest, there is a good chance I might not hear back from her.

There is a rumor floating around about how the company she works for that is in charge of the programming part here at the prison lost their contract.

A new company is coming in.

I’ve heard this could happen as early as May 1st.

So, this woman in charge of things might not even be here much long.

In the midst of all of this I am doing what I can still…

I’m talking to guys here who are serious about creating a better life for themselves at the prison and I am telling them about the class I would like to start. I’ve gotten a great response from those I have talked to. Plus, some great ideas to add to what I already have in mind!

As far as what is going on with this company here at the prison and why they are losing their contract..

Well I have heard a lot threw inmate.com as to why that is…

The craziest rumor being the misuse of money and some sort of possible embezzlement going on…

But if you ask me, personally…

I think it has something to do with how this is supposed to be a program prison that reduces the return rate of guys getting out and then getting locked back up again…

Being that this is a program prison-supposedly the biggest one on the east coast of the United States- it should have the lowest return rate right?

Well, again. I heard threw inmate.com that instead of the lowest this place has the highest return rate of any prison in the state.


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Some upcoming things to look for on JWHW


-Follow up to story (Walking in on a rape)…about other youth offenders and how crazy some of their situations are. And the type of time they get when they don’t complete this program. Or they get kicked out of it…

-Cartoons…a bunch of new prison related material that is sure to entertain!

-Follow up to (actions speak louder than words)… What’s going on with the class I am trying to start up here what works and what doesn’t in relation to prisoner rehabilitation… Some facts and stats…

-A piece that will really give you a sense of things that are really going on in my life at the moment…crazy stuff. Definitely guaranteed to intrigue!

I Have A Dream…

I am honored to have been picked.

Erika Kind

Infinity Dream Award

Not only Martin Luther King said that. We all have dreams. Today I am supposed to speak about my dream because I was nominated for the Infinity Dream Award. I was gifted with the award by Supreet from The only Sup. This is literally a Dream Award for me. I did not hear of it by now but I  love the message it carries.

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Steven D. Jennings

I would like to introduce to all of you Steven D. Jennings, like me, he is incarcerated as well.

He has two blogs: Steven D. Jennings which is his personal blog along with another blog called Stone City Blog which is a collection of blogs written by other inmates.

Steven has been incarcerated for quite some time now and even in such a chaotic environment he manages to use his time wisely and do something positive for himself. He is a great inspiration to me among many others.

Like me, Steven has goals that he strives for each day while trying to find success while incarcerated as well as after his release.

He has a variety of great content on both of his pages. Some of his post titles on his own personal blog are as follows: Kermit the frog, Being too loud in the morning, Negative comments provide an opportunity to grow, Narcissism, Random thoughts, Glossary of prison terms, 6 ways to get your ass kicked in prison and How I blog from prison.

Steven also has an eBook published called “Stone City: Life in the Penitentiary” which I highly recommend purchasing. Read about the events that led up to the day that change Steven’s life forever and what exactly life behind bars is really like.

Steven and I both were fortunate enough to find that special lady (Suzie and Jen) along our journey incarcerated. Both are such strong women who not only encourage and support their inmates but put in countless hours of hard work in order to help their man achieve his dreams of finding success.

Steven and Suzie are an unstoppable team and because of that I know that great things are in store for them.

Connect with Steven: Facebook, Twitter, JPay, Website, Blog

Connect with Suzie: Email, Blog, Website

Walking in on a rape…continued


When Tyler was drunk at a party and he walked in the room to see his best friend; a girl he had grown up with passed out on a bed with some guy all over her trying to take her pants off- he snapped.

He told me he grabbed this guy and tore him off of his best friend. He said he threw the guy into a wall and began to beat the life out of him.

He didn’t stop until he was literally pulled off this guy by some of his friends who were also at the party. By that time, everyone thought he had killed the “would be rapist”

The guy was motionless and gurgling blood from his mouth.

Tyler’s friend told him to get the hell out of there. They told him how they thought he has just killed this guy and the cops were on their way.

Tyler ran, bloody and drunk.

When he got down the street Tyler told me he tried to call someone to come pick him up. But he hands were so damaged from the fight he couldn’t hardly hold his phone. Or dial any numbers,

By that point, the cops showed up. Tyler said there was no point in running. He was bloody and his hands were a wreck. He was caught.

The cops walked up to Tyler asking him what had happen. While trying to explain, Tyler was running high on adrenaline and alcohol.

As he tried to tell the cops everything that had just taken place, spit was flying from his mouth.

Tyler said he accidently spit on the cop.

Doing so, the cop grabbed him by his throat and tried to slam him against the cop car.

Tyler an Army soldier encounters the attack.

He instead slammed the cop and drew back to swing. Soon as he did, the other cops who were on the scene pounced on him immediately.

Tyler was beaten up on the spot.

After the beating, Tyler was taken to jail. He was strapped into a restraint chair and beaten some more.

Tyler said he was left strapped in the restrain chair for 10 hours.

When the Army showed up to pick Tyler up with a possible court Marshall he faced, they went ballistic as to how he had already been treated.

Once handed over to the Army and all the facts had been considered, no charges were filed against Tyler.

They said they were not going to press charges against a man who had committed a noble act.

Tyler was then handed back over to the state who didn’t share the same views of that of the army.

The state filled charges against Tyler for malicious wounding and attempted murder.

The guy who had tried to rape Tyler’s friend lived through the assault. But he had suffered immense injuries because of it.

He was completely paralyzed on the left side of his body.

Injuries this guy would most likely carry with him for the rest of his life.

During the trial many character witnesses took the stand in Tyler’s defense.  Everyone spoke highly of this young man who had never been in trouble with the law before and had already made so much with his life.

Even the girl, Tyler’s best friend who was passed out at the party took the stand to say how Tyler had saved her from potentially being rapped.

But for whatever the reason the judge paid no attention to any of this. Instead he focused it solely on the injuries to this would be rapist…

How this guy will probably have to use a cane the rest of his life.

The judge told Tyler that he would not tolerate vigilantly justice and that Tyler displayed no regards to human life evident by the extent of the injuries suffered by what he called the victim.

Tyler was sentenced to 31 years with 17 suspended.

He was looking to serve about 12 years. And that was it. Case closed.

Tyler appealed his conviction and eventually got in front of another judge who had a different view and that judge converted his entire sentence to the youth offender program here at the prison I am at.

He is scheduled to be released early next year.

As for the would be rapist…

He was charged with attempted rape and received a sentence of 12 months.

All time suspended.

And being that his charge was sexually related, he should have had to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. But the judge, the same one who felt Tyler deserved to serve 12 of 31 years, felt, that the extent of his injuries were punishment enough.

So he never served or would have to register as a sex offender.

In closing, when asked if doing it differently if he could do it all again…

Tyler said “ Hell No”.

“That guy got what he deserved”.

What do you think about all of this?

Do you agree with Tyler’s sentencing?

Do you think it was too harsh or to lenient?

What about the would be rapist and what he received?

Comment and share your take on all of this.

Walking in on a rape


Tyler is a young guy here at the prison with me. He is 21 years old. He has been locked up since he was 18. He is what this program considers a youth offender. I have known Tyler throughout the two years I have been at this facility; he is the drummer in the prison band.

I never really knew much about Tyler’s story until the other day. And when he told me all about his background and why he’s locked up I was blown away. So much so that I have to tell you all about it.

Tyler represents everything that is right with the world and his story represents everything that is wrong with the judicial system here in America.

Here is his story…

From the age of 15 Tyler told me how he had been involved in the medical field. EMT work to be specific. Maybe when he was that young he did some volunteer work or maybe he had some family connections that allowed him to be involved in that sort of thing so young. Whatever the case is, that’s what he told me.

Then he said at the age of 18 he joined the Army. When I asked if he was like “Saving Private Ryan” he said “ No”.

“More like Ashton Kutcher in the Guardian” he responded. “Only like the army version of that.”

When I asked if he saw any action, he said “not really”.

“Mostly only training” he said.

He did say he was involved in one rescue action overseas, but I don’t remember what all he said about that.

Tyler told me that he came home from somewhere and he went to a party.

At this party he said he got drunk.

Really drunk.

Then he said he walked in to a room where he saw his best friend which was this girl he had grown up with since they were kids.

She was passed out on the bed and this guy was all over her trying to take her pants off.

Immediately Tyler said he lost it.

Now before I finish this story I want you to consider this…

What if this was you?

You’re at a party, drunk, having a good time, and all of a sudden you see a girl you grew up with passed out and some guy all over her potentially about to rape her…

What would you do in that exact moment?

What do you think Tyler did…?

Comment now and voice your opinion… And check back later today to find out what happens next.

Another week down


I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend…I’ve got a lot of great content for this upcoming week. We are going to start things off in a major way tomorrow with a story about this young guy here in prison with me and his story about why he is locked up.

Just to give you a little preview about what all that is about…

Imagine if you walked in on a potential rape in progress.

Yeah. This is definitely NOT a story to miss.

Also there are a bunch of new cartoons coming this week. So I hope you will check back for those as well.

Thanks to all of you who comment regularly and are now emailing me too.

A special shout out to ErikaKind, Nutsrok, Stone City Blog, Suzie M. Jennings, Steven D. Jennings, N.A.M.E., heartwordsforpoetry, My Friday Blog, and Corner of Confessions.

If you don’t know who these individuals are, then I highly recommend that you check out their blogs and follow them as well.

These are high quality bloggers concerned for far more than just their numbers and who are creating compelling and entertaining material that is certainly worth your time to engage in.

Also, if you haven’t heard I’m now able to email from prison. So if you are ever interested in corresponding directly with me the information on how to do so is provided through the link.

That is everything for now so stay tuned for everything coming this week.

Email a prisoner…

Email just became available to me yesterday so now anyone who might be interested in emailing me directly now can do so. All you have to do is set up an account  and purchase a few “stamps”.

Yes unfortunately you do have to pay something like $0.40 an email. But hey, it’s cheaper and way more convenient then writing me the old cave man way, right?

I’m hoping there is some of you out there who would be interested in writing me because I would sure love to hear from you.

Tell me what you like or don’t like about Joewriteshiswrongs.

Or ask anything you like…

Maybe there is something you might wonder about being in prison.

Your words would really do a lot to help keep a guy motivated who is in prison yet striving everyday for something better.

Also, I will respond to any and all emails.

So with that being said, I look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to get started.

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