TV shows that could have a prison version of them


“Survivor” prisoners versus CO’s…Take two teams, one of prisoner and one of corrections officers and put them against each other survival style. Threw weekly competitions. At the end of each episode each team has to vote off one player who is the weakest link until only one remains as the winner…

Who will be the winner…

A prisoner or a member of staff.

The real world (prison)…What happens when you put CoffeeMan, Serial Killer and Johnny the Panty Bandit in a cell block with a few other prisoners and a video camera… and things start getting “real”.

Imagine the drama. The humor.

What an awesome show idea!

The first 48 (trouble on the rec yard)…Imagine there has been a stabbing on the rec yard. Many prisoners are around to witness it and now the staff must investigate to figure out who committed this offense and why. Follow investigators threw interviews with jail house snitches who hope the information they gave leads to so kind of time cut plus staff tries to close the case in under 48 hours.

Intervention (addicted to prison)…not just in prison because addiction. Well imagine how some of these addicted behaviors can carryover even while prison. Maybe its drugs..or gambling or porn…Yes there are guys here who are addicted to porn!

This show could show prisoners on the inside and their battle with addiction.

Prison Ink…Now this is a great idea! There’s a lot of tattoo shows out there. But what about ones about prison artists. I’ve heard a lot of people say before that there is some pretty amazing talent in prison, as likewise creative wise and especially tattoo wise. Some of the best work is being done on the inside imagine a TV show all about that. Maybe show work as it’s done and how important watching out for the guards is.


These are just a few that I could think of…

Can you think of any others…? And which do you think would be the most interesting…?


2 thoughts on “TV shows that could have a prison version of them

  1. I like the Prison Ink idea. For one thing, it could boost prison tattoo artists chances as outside in the world tattoo artists careers, and for another, seeing the ingenious methods used to build the tattoo guns would be very interesting. Seriously. Pitch that.

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