8 reasons I’m thankful to be in prison


You know I’m always mentioning how prison sucks and how I hate this place and how negative it is but here are 8 reasons I’m thankful to be here.

 I got my GED here…. Without prison or without getting locked up I might never have gotten my GED actually, I know I wouldn’t have, not with the way I was living prior to getting arrested. But as fate would have it, I did get arrested and it was almost immediately after my arrest and the beginning of this journey that I was enrolled in a GED class at the jail. I busted my ass in that class too and I knew that getting my GED would help me a lot at my sentencing. So within only 4 months…I took and passed all parts of the test my first time, too!


This has been an eye opening experience…. When I mention this, the one thing that comes to mind over everything else is just how much “snitching” is involved in the whole getting locked up and prison thing.  I use to think long ago that prison is where all the “real” people are at. But now I realized it’s not, in fact it’s mostly where all the fake people are. In the midst of all this fakeness and telling I am the odd ball. Because I unlike very few others didn’t, haven’t or wouldn’t snitch or tell anything. For more on that check out Jail House Snitches.

Prison helps me conquer addiction… Drugs and alcohol were a serious part of my past; now it is my greatest hope to leave both of those as-“a part of my past”. Prison has allowed me to be clean and sober for the past 6+ years. And though, if I really wanted to I could do drugs here in prison, I choose not to. Simply because of others I have seen through this time.  I’ve witnessed countless others give into their demons and seeing that with a clear and sober mind only gives me that much more motivation to stay the course with myself.


Without prison I would have never realized my dreams and goals…  I was living a fast life before prison I don’t think I had many dreams or goals out there in free society. Considering all that I did try to accomplish simply fell apart right before my eyes which made me resort back to my illegal lifestyle which ultimately led to my incarceration.

Yet here, I have been able to reestablish my dreams and goals. And what about if when I get out those dreams and goals fall apart like they have done so many times through my life… Well, one thing this incarceration has definitely taught me about dreams and goals is that in pursuit, you must never give up, even if they seem like they will never pan out…If that’s the case then rethink your dreams and goals, change them even, but never give up as I did in the past. Look where that got me!


I could have been dead by now… With the path I was heading down in life prior to prison I could have been killed out there or maybe even died from an overdose like so many of my friends. Maybe in a sense prison saved my life.

I mentioned this in many raps I have written over the course of time but one that stands out most said “If everything happens for a reason, right?/ Well there’s gotta be a reason I’m still breathing, right?”

I could have been arrested at a later time for something much worse… Nobody knows what could have been, right? Well who is to say that if I wasn’t arrested when I was that maybe sometime later I could have been and for something much worse. I really hate to even say that but let’s be honest. I mean, not only was I doing drugs prior to all of this I was also selling them so because of this I use to carry a gun. I was crazy then. And I’m just thankful more than anything that I was never put in a position where I had to use it.

I’ve grown as an individual… Nothing in my life has affected me as much as this incarceration. All this time I have spent gone from the world and all that I have experienced throughout this. So many stressful situations. So much that has been beyond my control. So many different people that I have meet and either liked or hated yet had to learn to deal with regardless because I have to live around them.  As much crazy shit as I have seen… I don’t think any other situation could cause me to grow as much as a person. Then the many years I’ve spent in prison has.


JoeWritesHisWrongs… This had to make the list! I mean, if I had never gotten locked up and wasn’t forced to deal with all the struggles and the hardships of incarceration, then I most certainly never would have created JoeWritesHisWrongs. But I was arrested and locked up and I’ve had to deal with all of this head on. Which in doing so cause me to come up with and create JoeWritesHisWrongs along the way. And look at how awesome that has turned out to be!

It’s crazy when you think about it. But I really do have some great reasons to be THANKFUL I’m in PRISON. No matter how bad this place is outside of those reasons.



10 thoughts on “8 reasons I’m thankful to be in prison

  1. That’s one of the most amazing posts I ever read from you. Joe you discovered one of the most important tools of life: “Life happens. But whatever happens, it is up to us what you make out of it.” It is not about what was but what we are creating out of what was!!! You will make it, Joe!!!

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    1. Oct 13 of this year. I would love to do something with my artistic or writing skills. Cartoons have always been a huge part of my life…after all they are what saved my life. I paint murals here at the prison and I would love to paint something at a children’s hospital or youth center. Writing is another passion of mine which is why this blog is such a big part of who I am. One thing I know for certain is I will succeed once released whether it is through my cartoons, paintings or writings…I have come too far to not succeed. And with the support of so many wonderful people I have met from this blog that motivation keeps me pressing forward. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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