Some jobs you just have to quit…The follow up

So what if I said I was wrong in my justifications for quitting the floor job in the gym…

I mean, is it okay to post something and then come back a couple of days later, and say I was wrong about all that.

Wait a minute…

This is JoeWritesHIsWrongs after all…

So of course that should be okay…

I mean I been wrong pretty much my whole life…!

Well, prior to me actually trying to get my shit together, that is.

It should come as no surprise that I’m not always gonna get it right, even at this point in my life.

So, without further ado, please allow me to say…

I fucked up.

I was wrong for quitting the job in the gym redoing the floors.

I basically just let the frustration of a slow and rigorous ass fucking job get the best of me and I decided at that time the best thing to do would be to quit.

My justifications were that this job would benefit me in no way and also that I had other shit way more important to do.

Number 1 on that list…

A crowd funding campaign that had just been launched the day before and I was (and still am) very concerned with whether or not that damn thing is going to be successful.

Well, in an effort to save face and not feel like the quitter I was feeling like…

I went back to the gym, apologized for up and quitting the way I did, and got back to working on that project.

Funny thing about it is that there are not much further along than from when I quit.

But it is humbling, to say the least, having admitted I was wrong.

Just being able to do so show’s a lot of growth on my part. I mean, I use to be pretty stubborn, and at times, I guess I still can be.

But who is perfect?

The whole point of the matter is that I was wrong about something and I made a mistake because of that.

But I did what needed to be done to fix it.

In life, we are not always going to get it right all of the time.

But what matters most is that when you are wrong and you realized that you do what you have to in an effort to make it right.

Oh, and by the way…

Is this NOT like the greatest example of Joe-Writing His Wrongs?


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