Some jobs you just have to quit

As I write this I’m knee deep in a disaster project in the making.

I’m sitting in the gym with goggles on and a dust mask on..

Notepad and pen in hand…

With dust particles swarming all around me- ready to tell you all about this fucking fiasco of a project I was somehow dragged into.

In terms of the conditions of stress I am currently under my work ethic should be noted.

Oh, and not my work ethic on this floor job I am currently involved in here in the gym am I speaking about.

But my work ethic in terms of Joewriteshiswrongs…

Though no matter the conditions I am faced with, I try not to lose a moment to tell you all about them.

So what is this floor job I am talking about..

Well, here in the gym there is a project underway right now as we speak where we are taking up all the old paint on the floor.

The many coats of ancient paint on the floor that have been there for years!

Then, once that is done…

The gym floor will be repainted.

A project slated for about a week…

Yet it looks like it will take a month.

This is ass busting hard work…using an oversized floor buffer machine that sort of looks like a floor buffer on steroids…

It slowly grinds away the ancient paint kicking off a shit storm of dust in the process.

Sitting here covered in dust and writing this, again, I question how the hell I was talked into this.

Especially, when I look back at the crew of guys I have to work with..

What a sorry bunch we are..

We are all a bunch of jackass with no concept of how to do a job of this size and scale. Yes, we are trying to get it done the best way we can figure too.

Everyone wants to be an informant…

Everyone has an idea of how to get the job done…

Some are better than others…

Some are just not good at all…

And unfortunately the worst ideas on how to get this job done…

They come from the guy in charge of the whole thing.

How can you possibly be in charge of something you show up 2 hours late for the next day.

Leaving a bunch of PRISONERS left to figure it out for themselves.

Then when you do show up you don’t even bring the proper tools to get the job done with…

If an outside contractor came in to do this they would probably charge $15,000-$20,000.

In here we are doing all of this for nothing.

As I continue this post… I am now back in my housing unit.

Out of the dust yet still covered in it.

But now, back sitting beside my bunk.

I quit the job.


Because. I realized there were two sorts of things in life…

Things you shouldn’t quit.

And the things you really should.

The things you shouldn’t quit are things you should endure even when the times get tough…

Like trying to make something totally awesome out of Joewriteshiswrongs.

Things like this that you believe in and fight for.

These are the things that will add to your life.

That will enhance the value.

Yup, on the flip side…

There are the things in life that you realize don’t matter at all…

Like a floor project working with a bunch of idiots with an even bigger idiot overseeing the whole thing.

Things like this could never add any value to your life.

Only useless and unneeded stress!

Something’s in life I feel are okay in life to quit.

Especially when they are a distraction from the bigger and more important picture.

I’m far too busy to be distracted by something that means nothing to me at all.

I know that sounds funny coming from a prisoner but it’s too true. I mean, every day I am busting my ass working towards a brighter future.

I don’t need the ass busting work of redoing some prison floor to be added to that.

Now I know some of you might think maybe I should not have quit this job. Like maybe something of value COULD have been gained from it.

Like maybe some sort of team building skills or something…

Maybe you’re right, too.

But a man can only take so much…

Especially when he has other shit going on.

Way more important shit.

Like a crowd-funding campaign which has the sole purpose of bettering all I am trying to do here with joewriteshiswrongs.

Today I learned a whole lot. But I think one of the biggest lessons I learned is that when you have a big job that needs to get done…

It is best to have the right tools available…

And also…

Don’t use a bunch of dumbasses to try and get the job done.

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