Be on the lookout tomorrow morning

Joe mentioned in his last audio post how he had another story coming about one of the other prisoners in there named Serial Killer.

Well not did he only give me a great story to type up today and post for all of you awesome people out there but he also got “Johnny” or better known as “Panty Bandit” to get in on a little audio post and describe what Serial Killer was like after reading a letter he supposedly receives from his niece about his ex.

Unfortunately this busy lady is still working on getting the audio together so I won’t be posting it until tomorrow…shhh don’t tell Joe though 🙂

Be on the look-out tomorrow morn/afternoon for a great story and a great audio post regarding Serial Killer, Johnny aka Panty Bandit and Coffeeman.

Anyone unsure of who these guys are I suggest you read the stories below to have a better understand of who exactly these men are…

This one can definitely be categorized under bad guys

Characters caricatured serial killer and panty bandit


A Valentine’s Day for a serial killer


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