Joewriteshiswrongs wants you to write

The year has finally come, 2015. This means it won’t be long before Joe has served his 7 1/2 year bid and finally comes home a free man. It also means reality is going to kick in and Joe will see that what has always seemed like such a distant thought is now less than a year away…his release date.

The stress and worries of things such as “Will anyone hire me?”, “How am I going to pay my fines off and get my license back?”… “I’ve got to start busting cartoons out quick and submitting to different places”, will kick in and that is where all of you come in….

Write the awesome guy behind Joewriteshiswrongs. Give him something to be even more motivated behind or just tell him how kick ass his blog is and you are glad you came across it. Give him your thoughts on his cartoons/art…do you like them..hate them…what would make them better. Maybe you want him to create something for you, he wants to hear it all…good or bad.

Anyone who would be interested in writing Joe can find the address below.



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