How BIG is 2015!

Have I mentioned how HUGE 2015 is for me? I mean, this is the year I am scheduled to be released from prison after what would have been 6 years and 10 months of a now 7 ½ year sentence!

2015 is a HUGE year for me.

And for Joewriteshiswrongs

The beginning phases of the Joewriteshiswrongs web series will begin after I am released…

My mural work will be unleashed beyond the world!

Can you imagine a gigantic wall with a Joewriteshiswrongs mural on it?

Also volunteer work in the local community where I will be living…

That’s very important to me as well. And something I want to get involved with. But we will talk about that later.

The point is 2015 is a BIG OL’ HUGE year for me.

I tried to convey that point in a cartoon I created…

Check it out!



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