Jen, Joe and a prison phone

To keep Joewriteshiswrongs alive and thriving it takes tons of time and also money spent on phone calls.

I probably call Jen 6 times a day and that’s just in relation to Joewriteshiswrongs.

Then, add to that a couple of personal calls thrown in the mix and it’s easy to see how it takes some serious dedication on all fronts to keep up with this as well as any and everything else.

Especially, for Jen.

I mention all of that to give you a better understanding of the relentless work and sacrifice Jen and I both put into Joewriteshiswrongs on a daily basis. And also to give Jen a little more recognition because at times I often get so wrapped up in trying to create something awesome from prison- that I often forget to recognize Jen for all of her hard work and dedication specifically.

Jen is the link between you and me.

Between the free world and the underworld…

An underworld that consist of razor wire fences and concrete blocked walls.

It is through Jen’s hard work that all that is Joewriteshiswrongs is open up to all of you.

Well, threw Jen’s hard work and a rinky outdated prison phone that is.

It is those two things in particular that make all these things possible.

And as far as the whole prison phone thing goes…

Think about that.

Think about how awesome your cell phone is…

I have access to none of that.

No smartphones here….

No tablets.

Or laptops…

Or computers of any kind.

Just me on this end with a rag tag prison payphone, with notebooks and notepads and folders full of tons of blogs, posts, story ideas, cartoons, and all sorts of other related stuff- communicating my vision of Joewriteshiswrongs through Jen over static filled airways that are recorded and could surely end up getting me locked up in segregation under investigation under one reason or another.

I relay my vision to Jen of what I am trying to do on a daily basis and Jen is my eyes and hands in the free world.

She truly adds sight to my vision…

If that makes any sense at all.

Jen gives sight to my vision because here where I am, I’m Stevie Wonder.

I can’t see anything except for in my mind’s eye.

And about the whole “being locked up” for this thing….

That is a very real possibility.

That really could happen if I ever cross this imaginary line that I skirt so dangerously close to the edge of.

If this facility ever felt that what I was doing pose some sort of security threat, then surely I would be confined to isolation…

For who knows how long.

And about 8 months ago I thought a time like that had actually come…

I’ll never forget when I was called to go see the women in charge of this “therapeutic community” program here at this facility.

When they called me to go see her…

I just knew it was going to be about Joewriteshiswrongs.

And sure enough I was right, too.

 I got to her office and the first thing she said when I sat down was “I want to talk to you about your blog”.

Fortunately, though. That situation only turned out to be about whether or not I had some sort of special relationship with a female counselor who worked here (which I didn’t) and more so, if she was the one helping me with the blog.

So, yeah…

That’s all that meeting was about.

Thankfully, all of that was resolved after I assured her that was indeed NOT the case and I’m sure after they probably listen to countless phone calls between Jen and I.


Would you look at that!

I am such an awesome writer!

See, how I brought all of this back to the prison phone thing…!

Because really they are the whole premise of this post.

Prison phones…

Did you know that in the Federal prison system you are only allowed 300 minutes a month to use on the phones?

That’s about 10 minutes a day.

In state run prisons there aren’t these kind of restrictions.

We can talk on the phone here as much as we can afford too.

Well at least in the state I’m in you can.

And thank God too…

Because sometimes I talk on the phone for about 2 ½ hours a day!

And the federal system you also can’t make back to back phone calls.

When your call ends you have to wait something like 15 minutes before you can make another call.

This is to prevent fights over the phone stemming from guys like me who like to “ride the phone” as it is refereed to here.

But I also think part of the reason is to prevent guys from raising an empire from prison.

The federal system is full of your heavier hitter prisoners who likely have more resources at their disposal to make something like that more possible.

But one similarity that both the state and federal prison system share in common is that neither one wants’ prisoners doing anything that might make them successful while incarcerated.

Isn’t that the craziest damn thing you have ever heard?

I mean, you don’t want individuals coming back to prison right?

So why would the prison system try to blockade prisoners attempts to find success?

Even while incarcerated?

The prison system sort of reminds me of the “car tire” theory…

Tire companies can make tires that last for MILLIONS of miles where they NEVER need to be replaced.

But why would they?

If tires don’t last forever then at some point everyone will need more tires for their car. In return tire companies will always be in business because they will always be making money.

The prison system is the exact same way…

Why really try to help prisoners or encourage their success through positive measure?

Why not just say they are…

Act like they are…

Yet in all actuality, their doing little to nothing help guys like me and my good friend Justin Hobbs because they know that most of us will continue to come back to prison to fill bed space and in return keep making this prison business, this incarceration nation- money.

And lots of money, too.

So even though it’s something that could be successful they don’t really want me working towards that while I am incarcerated.

Yet, that is exactly what I work towards anyways…

Every day.

And daily.

And through the unbelievable amount of help that Jen provides…

We both bust our asses (her, more than me in regards) with hopes of Joewriteshiswrongs living up to its greatest potential.

Her out there in the free world…

Me in a prison….

Connected by an outdated prison phone, that also connects me through all of you.


11 thoughts on “Jen, Joe and a prison phone

  1. Joe, I loved this post. I absolutely can relate to the two of you! You make a great team and I can see that you both will succeed in all areas. I admire a man who shows his gratitude towards his lady and all the work she does on the outside.

    Joe – I love your positive attitude and mental fortitude

    Jen – I love your big heart

    All in all, I admire the commitment that I see in both of you. It reminds me of me and my husband…seeing as though we are in a very similar boat.

    We’ll be in touch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot 🙂 I actually admire you because reading all of your guys blogs made me see so much of what we do. I could tell we were a lot a like when I read your post about how hard it can be at times and a lot to take on…I can relate. Sometimes it is so overwhelming but yet a great feeling knowing how much our men appreciate us and are trying to do something positive. I always send Joe various posts from your husband because he enjoys reading them. You guys are doing a great thing and I look forward to following along in your journey as well. -Jen

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jen – although by now Joe would be reading this on his own. I hope that Joe realizes how truly fortunate he has been to have had your help on his journey.

    As I have started reading from the beginning, I hope to eventually learn how you two met.

    Liked by 1 person

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