Crashing a car because of the tattoo

After guys have been locked up for a bunch of years, they tend to lose their ability to handle relationships with people, especially those out there in the free world. I’m no exception to this, neither. At times, I struggle in my own daily dealings with those that I talk to outside of these fences.

But not as much as others do.


Because I am awesome of course!  Whereas most others here are not.

They do not share my same sense of awesomeness, therefore it should come as no surprise as to why it is so easy for them to (crash the car) in their own lives.

Remember what to crash the car is, right? (Crash the car)

Well, if you don’t, or you are new here, or missed that post, then check out (Don’t crash the car) for the full scoop as to what that is about.

This little story is about one such guy who we will call “Superman”.

Why Superman?

Well, because this guy has a big old Superman symbol tattooed in a pretty strange place…

Believe me. Whatever you’re thinking right now, location wise…

You’re wrong.

But that’s all I can say about that.

So… Superman was this pretty awesome guy.

Key word… “was”.

Just your average Joe Schmo who had been locked up for a few years and was lonely.

As fate would have it, someone close to him would become a “God sent”.

They would introduce Superman to this super beautiful chick.

From that point, things took off super quick. Superman was talking to this chick all the time.

On the phone…

Reading her letters…

Getting tons of pictures…

He would even show everyone all the pictures he was getting of this chick and you could tell he was really proud to have her.

For a very very short while this guy was someone to be admired by many.

But Superman was falling fast and heavy. It seemed this chick was coming more like Kryptonite to him then a God sent.

Sometimes I would be on the phone talking to my beautiful amazing girl and “Super” would be on the phone next to me where I couldn’t help but overhear him arguing with this chick from time to time.

Nothing to major I thought.

People argue all the time. Especially while in prison.

But looking back on it now, maybe that was a sign of trouble to come.

Maybe this chick wasn’t “feeling” Superman the way he was feeling her.

Or, maybe Superman was just a super douche.

But I guess he had to be. Because what did he do next…?

Well, he wanted to surprise this chick who he had never even met yet in person because to be allowed to visit, a person first had to be approved and on your visitation list.

Getting approval could take up to a month or two.

So Superman only knew this chick over the phone or through the letters they wrote.

But right before their first visit, Superman decided to get this chicks initials tattooed big as ALL OUT on his fingers!

One big ass bold blackened in letter on each of his fingers, and a big blackened in heart on his pinky.

Oh, what a surprise Superman had for this chick. And I guess the anticipation was just too much to bare.

Superman told this chick the night before their first visit and guess what happen on their first visit…?


This chick disappeared into thin air like she had never even been there before!

Like a super hero herself the way she just vanished.

Sometimes a tattoo can solidify a relationship.

But in most cases…tattooing someone’s name is a last ditch effort to hold onto someone who is already gone.



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