When the light quickly fades to black

Today should have been a good day.

Hell, it should have been a great day!

Hey guess what everyone..?

I did my last annual review today and I got all of whatever good time I could get back today.

So that’s it.

Pretty uneventful.

No real story to tell about on that.

I don’t know what my new release date is. But I will find out sometime in the next 30-90 days.

I should be happy about this right?!?

I should be ecstatic!

And I was…

That was until I came back to my housing unit and someone came up to me and said “Hey, do you remember Hobbs?”

Oh fuck no, I thought.

Anytime someone comes up to you in prison or starts off a conversation with “hey do you remember such and such” and that person was someone who was just recently release from prison, you know it’s not going to be good whatever they have to say.

“Did I remember Hobbs” this guy asked me.

Of course I remembered Hobbs!

He was one of the first people I ran into when I got transferred to this prison.

I knew him from my life long before prison when we were a lot younger and in high school.

I went to school with Hobbs.

And when I got transferred here, we quickly became friends again. He even introduced me to a girl I use to write when I first got here and before I met Jen.

Hobbs was a friend.

“Hobbs died.” This guy told me.

My whole day went black.

Just when it seemed the clouds were starting to part a little in my world right when the sun started to show rays of light through the darkness…

I hear something like this and all of the light that was just starting to return fades to black.

I’ve said before, not even that long ago actually how hearing shit like this about guys who get out and don’t make it…

Makes me sort of feel like I don’t even stand a chance.

This one hits a special place to home because Hobbs wasn’t just someone I knew from here…

He was a friend.

A friend who will truly be missed.

“Damn it Hobbs”

I remember when you got that tattoo on your back that said “conquer your demons…”

I guess some demons you fight for a lifetime.

I’m gonna spend some time telling you all about my friend Hobbs. It’s unfortunate but I think he was only mentioned in one story here on Joewriteshiswrongs that I can think of right this second…

“The Crazy Chick” where he was referred to as “slaps-the-bass” for just how musically gifted he was.

In honor of Hobbs I’m going to introduce him to all of you over the next few days…

He was a star that shined…

A really good guy who would have done anything to help a friend.

RIP Justin Hobbs… May you rest in peace friend!

Below you will find a video made for Justin’s daughter by his family…a way she can always remember her father who was taken too soon.


3 thoughts on “When the light quickly fades to black

  1. I met Justin in prison and was encouraged by His Facebook posts of daughter and himself. I am grieved with you all at His departure. I pray for your strength and peace at his passing. May God grant him rest. Jp..

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