My last annual review/release date…

This might actually be an exciting week for me in prison….

I’ve got my last annual review this week.

Annual reviews take place once a year, and determine whether or not your good time and release date stay the same or change…

Your release date can change based upon trouble you have gotten into, or charges you caught…

In those cases, good time can be taken away and your release date can get pushed back further then it was originally set for.

A good example of all of this is my release date.

It was originally set for July 1, 2015.

But then it change to July 6, 2015…

Then to Feb 2016…

Then to Aug 2015…

Then to Nov 2015…

And right now it is set for Oct 26, 2015

But that will change for the last and final time sometime after this week after my final review.

The other way your release date can change is when you are not getting in trouble, and after you have lost good time because you WERE getting in trouble (like I was).

Then your release date can change that way to…

But in a good way.

My very first release date was July 1, 2015.

But that quickly changed to July 6, 2015 back during the time I was first going to court.


I sort of cussed the judge out and snapped a little in the court room so he gave me attempt of court. But at the time that didn’t really matter seeing as I was facing 50 years.

That, according to my lawyer…

And I’ll never forget my lawyer either.

She really did her best to help me then…

And one day she even snapped on me before court saying “Think about what you are doing Joseph!”

“You’re facing 50 years!!!”

Me telling you all this has you curious as to what all this was about I’m sure. And me realizing this means this will surely be a story I will soon tell you about here on Joewriteshiswrongs…

Something about the story of my trial and tribulations at actual trial…

Look for that soon.

Back to my release date though…

After it changed from July 6, 2015

That was the best I will ever see no matter how “good” I was, nothing I could do would get me out sooner than July 6, 2015

Well, that is not exactly true…

Guys were snitching offering stuff up to the cops…

Jail house snitches

Those guys get extra special consideration I guess.

But that’s not nor will it ever be me. So again I say “nothing I could do would get me out any sooner than July 6, 2015.”

Prison by the way, isn’t exactly the honor society either so you got to imagine it has got to be hard to stay out of trouble.

Sometimes trouble will find you.

Or, sometimes things are beyond your control. Like maybe an asshole CO writes you up on a bullshit charge.

By the way, if you’re wondering what it was that caused my release date to change so much…

Well, the reason is this, because I was always getting in to trouble.

Mostly for tattooing, for more on that check out Are you a shark or are you shark food.

During the time I tattooed (2009-2013) I got in HELLA trouble all the time.

It’s a lucrative trade to be involved in while in prison but it’s also a risky one because you are going to get caught.

No matter how cautious you are you can’t account for the hateful, spiteful, piece of shit that is eventually going to tell on you no matter what you do.

You just can’t account for that.

Needless to say, those days are well behind me. Yet, I’m still fighting tooth and nail to this very day trying to get back as much of my good time as I possibly can.

Like I said before, July 6, 2015 was the best I could hope for then.

Before I got into all the trouble for tattooing…

Now the best I can hope for is something like late September or maybe early October of this year.

But in order for that to even happen, I have got to get this last annual review out of the way…

Which by the way is sure to be a fiasco.

Especially considering how the guy in charge of this annual review is a complete moron.

He also kinda reminds me of a gay version of Jamie Foxx.

I swear he looks just like the actor Jamie Foxx.

The only difference is he is gay.

Really gay.

He is also a real pain in the ass to deal with…

Probably not the best way of describing dealing with this guy, huh?

Wish me luck as I attempt to get through all of this in an effort to get back what little of my good time I can get back.


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