The smallest gesture really can make someone’s day

It’s no surprise that being in prison makes majority of people look at you different…and not for the better.

Well, Joe made mistakes in his past, MANY mistakes. That is no surprise. He has also spent the last 7 years trying to correct those mistakes and better himself from the man he used to be.

In the two years that I have been with Joe I have watched him bust his ass to make something of himself. His motivation behind his work and to succeed in life amazes me.

In a place where he is surrounded by so much negativity and chaos he still manages to get up every morning and do something productive with himself.

This blog is a big part of what motivates him each day. The support and advice from so many really keeps him motivated.

Within the past month Joe has received two hand written letters from different people who he does not know but they follow his blog.

Being on the phone with him and hearing how excited he was to receive this mail and the information that was enclosed with the letter was great. It’s amazing how one small gesture can make such a big impact on someone. Joe can be having the worst day and something as simple as a letter from a stranger can change his whole day and attitude completely around. Giving him the motivation to work ever harder then he already is.

After almost 7 years, Joe is finally down to his final 8 months before he is a free man. These next 8 months Joe is going to need all the support and motivation he can get. The reality of what is to come will hit him more and more the closer his release date approaches, all the odds that are stacked against him that he knows he has to overcome such as his enormous amount of fines he owes, getting his driver’s license back (which he has to pay his fines in order to do so), finding a job, staying on the right path…etc.

Just knowing he has people out there who support him and stand behind him means a lot to him. If you are a fan of Joewriteshiswrongs then maybe take a few minutes and write Joe letting him know what you think about his blog.

Do you like it?

Hate it?

Maybe you want to see more of something, have some pointers for him or maybe you love his work so much you want him to create something for you. Whatever the case he is always interested to know what people think about his writing and artwork.

Anyone interested in contacting Joe can do so at the address listed below.

And remember…sometimes the smallest gesture really can make someone’s day.



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