You will never be forgotten my friend

Still saddened by the death of a good friend who died far too young. Justin made a hell of an impact on all of the people he met here at Indian Creek. His death has opened a lot of eyes as to just how precious life is…

My eyes have certainly been opened a lot more…

To his family, I offer my deepest condolences.

I want you to know that Justin was a very liked individual here.

People liked him a lot.

He was kind of hard not to like.

Since this tragic incident, me, myself, and countless others have kept his memory alive by sharing with those who didn’t know him just how awesome of a person Justin Hobbs really was.

To my friend… It really sucks your gone.

But through me and all I hope to achieve…

Your memory will live on.


Characters caricatured…Serial Killer and Panty Bandit

Hey what’s up everyone!

Do you remember Valentine’s Day for a serial killer?

Want a little idea of what the guys I motioned in that story look like?

Want to see those characters caricatured

Well as promised here is Johnny aka Panty Bandit and Serial Killer


What’s wrong with America’s prisons…

Check out the trailer for a documentary called Faith in the Big House.

It depicts a very real look at prisoners in Louisiana who want to better their lives, and the state there in is attempting to help them do this through faith based incarceration…

Why is this important…?

Because a lot of what they are doing here is a lot like what incarceration is like for me.

Instead of being faith base the prison I am at uses is a “therapeutic community” approach

The reality is a lot of these so called efforts and programs designed to help prisoners are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

The proof is in the pudding too.

Just look at how many guys who get released either get locked right back up, or even worse…

A perfect example is my friend Justin Hobbs who was just released a few months ago and his tragic death.

I’m not even sure there is a solution to all this either, I mean, how do you really lock a guy up and change him so that he doesn’t end up coming back to prison again..?

Is there a way to fix that?

In my housing unit there are 82 prisoners…

I would make a safe estimate that of those 82 prisoners, myself included, 75 of them have been locked up at least one time prior to this.

Is it possible to change someone who is unwilling to change for them self?

Think about that…

If an individual is unwilling to change for themselves, there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell their going to change because the state wants them to.

In my opinion, the only possible solution is the cycle of destructive behavior is to provide some sort of program that actually makes prisoners like, myself, to want to change.

Provide me with some sort of real world job training or employable skills where I might be able to go out into society and get a job that might actually pay me something a little better than minimum wage. Something I might be able to survive on.

Now don’t get me wrong…

Prisons like the one I am at do offer “trade” electrical, HVAC and building maintenance…

But the waiting list to get into these small classes makes it where prisoners like my Bunkie Kenny is an example of many MANY others never even get in.

Their stuck on the waiting list what could literally be a year!

Then when they do actually try to push the issue they are told that now they don’t even have enough time left to take the trade class.

Only a small percentage gets into trade classes in prison…

There should also be more focus on individual needs…

Like if a guy has addiction issues then that should seriously be the focus of his incarceration.

Help make prisoners WANT to change themselves for the better by allowing them to address a little more definitively what seem to be their real struggles in life.

Offering a one size fits all religious or therapeutic community approach is not the solution for America’s prisons.

It’s nowhere near it.

But I would be willing to bet that for the same money poured into prisons like these that in all actuality- that don’t work we could get a little closer to some real solutions and some programs that actually do work.

By the way this is just a view of a prisoner on the inside looking out…

How do you feel about this as a member of free society on the outside looking in?

RIP Justin Hobbs

I want all of you to get to know a good friend of mine who just passed away on Sunday.

Hello world…

Meet Justin Hobbs.

Justin and I went to school together and we were good friends. But somehow we lost contact.

I guess life just has a way of causing people to go their separate ways sometimes.

For as long as I can remember Justin has always been a likable funny guy. And when I ran into him again after so many years had passed and here in prison, he seemed not to have changed much at all.

He was still that funny likable character.

Hobbs could make anyone laugh.

When I first got transferred to this compound I had a lot of trouble accepting the fact that I would now be required to group all the time.

But it was Hobbs who helped me adjust.

He made the groups fun because we would laugh and joke through the stupidity of it all.

The stupidity of all that this place represents…

A prison that was considered a therapeutic community…

A behavior modification or a behavioral corrections program…

Well, what the fuck, did this place do to help my friend?

I remember times when Hobbs and I would be together and I watched as he interacted with people.


Other prisoners.

Even asshole CO’s…

He just really had this way about himself.

He could really reach people through his light hearted humor…

That was a great quality of Hobbs that I really admired.

Justin Hobbs really had a way of making people like him without even really trying.

There were times when he even helped me on a few mural painting projects especially ones where I needed scaffolding where I needed to reach these hard to reach places in the housing units.

On some of those projects we would have to wheel the scaffolding into the hostile territory of some asshole prisoner’s bunk.

I can remember a time or two where it was Hobbs cleaver wit that made the situation more tolerable for all parties involved.

He just really had a special way about it I guess.

Sometimes we would kick it in the gym…

Him with the guitar or bass, strumming or slapping away, I can’t emphasize to you enough just how talented as a musician Hobbs was.

He had too much potential to do so much.

He could have done anything.

He wasn’t just a funny light hearted guy either he had a very serious side too; there was nothing he took more serious than his relationship with his little girl.

There were many times I would see him in visitation with his daughter and the two of them were always so happy together.

Nothing, it seemed, made him happier then the relationship he shared with her.

His daughter was his whole world.

Hobbs talked about her all the time and how all he wanted to do was go home and be a great father.

But he also told me many times how scared he was to get released because of the demons of his past and it would surly always haunt him.

Addiction was the greatest of those demons.

I’m not entirely sure what happen to my friend. I can only assume that I do know though. And if addiction in fact played a part in his death though, then that only saddens me even more and makes me feel a little more hopeless and helpless in my own damn life.

What fucks with me the most is this…

Hobbs and I had just talked via Facebook a month ago where I asked him how he was doing out there.

He told me he was doing good…

But not great.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But now I think maybe I should have.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to his exact words.

Maybe that would have caused me to do something differently.

Something more.

But, really…

What could I have done?

You never really know what someone is going through…

What kind of wars they got raging against themselves.

And what kind of demons they are battling unless they tell you or you are there to see it for yourself first hand.

I hate the fact that my friend is gone.

He was only 32 years old.

I’m 32 years old.

Hobbs was too damn young to die.

And as tragic as all of this is I’ve got to believe that his death isn’t in vein.

Not to me it isnt.

It’s opened my eyes to just how precious life really is. ..

And sometimes how short it can be too.

And how I can’t for the life of me aford to take for granted not a single moment of my own.

When the light quickly fades to black

Today should have been a good day.

Hell, it should have been a great day!

Hey guess what everyone..?

I did my last annual review today and I got all of whatever good time I could get back today.

So that’s it.

Pretty uneventful.

No real story to tell about on that.

I don’t know what my new release date is. But I will find out sometime in the next 30-90 days.

I should be happy about this right?!?

I should be ecstatic!

And I was…

That was until I came back to my housing unit and someone came up to me and said “Hey, do you remember Hobbs?”

Oh fuck no, I thought.

Anytime someone comes up to you in prison or starts off a conversation with “hey do you remember such and such” and that person was someone who was just recently release from prison, you know it’s not going to be good whatever they have to say.

“Did I remember Hobbs” this guy asked me.

Of course I remembered Hobbs!

He was one of the first people I ran into when I got transferred to this prison.

I knew him from my life long before prison when we were a lot younger and in high school.

I went to school with Hobbs.

And when I got transferred here, we quickly became friends again. He even introduced me to a girl I use to write when I first got here and before I met Jen.

Hobbs was a friend.

“Hobbs died.” This guy told me.

My whole day went black.

Just when it seemed the clouds were starting to part a little in my world right when the sun started to show rays of light through the darkness…

I hear something like this and all of the light that was just starting to return fades to black.

I’ve said before, not even that long ago actually how hearing shit like this about guys who get out and don’t make it…

Makes me sort of feel like I don’t even stand a chance.

This one hits a special place to home because Hobbs wasn’t just someone I knew from here…

He was a friend.

A friend who will truly be missed.

“Damn it Hobbs”

I remember when you got that tattoo on your back that said “conquer your demons…”

I guess some demons you fight for a lifetime.

I’m gonna spend some time telling you all about my friend Hobbs. It’s unfortunate but I think he was only mentioned in one story here on Joewriteshiswrongs that I can think of right this second…

“The Crazy Chick” where he was referred to as “slaps-the-bass” for just how musically gifted he was.

In honor of Hobbs I’m going to introduce him to all of you over the next few days…

He was a star that shined…

A really good guy who would have done anything to help a friend.

RIP Justin Hobbs… May you rest in peace friend!

Below you will find a video made for Justin’s daughter by his family…a way she can always remember her father who was taken too soon.

My last annual review/release date…

This might actually be an exciting week for me in prison….

I’ve got my last annual review this week.

Annual reviews take place once a year, and determine whether or not your good time and release date stay the same or change…

Your release date can change based upon trouble you have gotten into, or charges you caught…

In those cases, good time can be taken away and your release date can get pushed back further then it was originally set for.

A good example of all of this is my release date.

It was originally set for July 1, 2015.

But then it change to July 6, 2015…

Then to Feb 2016…

Then to Aug 2015…

Then to Nov 2015…

And right now it is set for Oct 26, 2015

But that will change for the last and final time sometime after this week after my final review.

The other way your release date can change is when you are not getting in trouble, and after you have lost good time because you WERE getting in trouble (like I was).

Then your release date can change that way to…

But in a good way.

My very first release date was July 1, 2015.

But that quickly changed to July 6, 2015 back during the time I was first going to court.


I sort of cussed the judge out and snapped a little in the court room so he gave me attempt of court. But at the time that didn’t really matter seeing as I was facing 50 years.

That, according to my lawyer…

And I’ll never forget my lawyer either.

She really did her best to help me then…

And one day she even snapped on me before court saying “Think about what you are doing Joseph!”

“You’re facing 50 years!!!”

Me telling you all this has you curious as to what all this was about I’m sure. And me realizing this means this will surely be a story I will soon tell you about here on Joewriteshiswrongs…

Something about the story of my trial and tribulations at actual trial…

Look for that soon.

Back to my release date though…

After it changed from July 6, 2015

That was the best I will ever see no matter how “good” I was, nothing I could do would get me out sooner than July 6, 2015

Well, that is not exactly true…

Guys were snitching offering stuff up to the cops…

Jail house snitches

Those guys get extra special consideration I guess.

But that’s not nor will it ever be me. So again I say “nothing I could do would get me out any sooner than July 6, 2015.”

Prison by the way, isn’t exactly the honor society either so you got to imagine it has got to be hard to stay out of trouble.

Sometimes trouble will find you.

Or, sometimes things are beyond your control. Like maybe an asshole CO writes you up on a bullshit charge.

By the way, if you’re wondering what it was that caused my release date to change so much…

Well, the reason is this, because I was always getting in to trouble.

Mostly for tattooing, for more on that check out Are you a shark or are you shark food.

During the time I tattooed (2009-2013) I got in HELLA trouble all the time.

It’s a lucrative trade to be involved in while in prison but it’s also a risky one because you are going to get caught.

No matter how cautious you are you can’t account for the hateful, spiteful, piece of shit that is eventually going to tell on you no matter what you do.

You just can’t account for that.

Needless to say, those days are well behind me. Yet, I’m still fighting tooth and nail to this very day trying to get back as much of my good time as I possibly can.

Like I said before, July 6, 2015 was the best I could hope for then.

Before I got into all the trouble for tattooing…

Now the best I can hope for is something like late September or maybe early October of this year.

But in order for that to even happen, I have got to get this last annual review out of the way…

Which by the way is sure to be a fiasco.

Especially considering how the guy in charge of this annual review is a complete moron.

He also kinda reminds me of a gay version of Jamie Foxx.

I swear he looks just like the actor Jamie Foxx.

The only difference is he is gay.

Really gay.

He is also a real pain in the ass to deal with…

Probably not the best way of describing dealing with this guy, huh?

Wish me luck as I attempt to get through all of this in an effort to get back what little of my good time I can get back.

New England Patriots

I know this is sort of late… well actually pretty damn late in terms of things … but I really had to do this to represent my New England Patriots especially, considering how folks are still talking about deflated footballs…this is how I feel about the situation.


The bearer of bad news

A couple of days ago a guy in here asked me for my help. He said he wanted me to try and help try and find his girlfriend on Facebook because he hasn’t heard from her in about 2 weeks.

He said he wasn’t sure what the hell had happen…

How the last phone call they had had was a good one…

No arguing.

No fighting.


The call ended with “I love you” and that was it.

But then the next day when he tried to call she didn’t answer the phone.

And then the day after that when he tried to call still no answer…

And the day after that the same thing…

No answer.

And that’s how it’s been for the last 2 weeks.

By the way, in the last 2 weeks, he has probably tried to call her about 500 times.

Was she hurt?

Was she dead?

Was there someone else…?

How could things go from so perfectly fine one day to completely gone like she was never there the next?

Well, he wanted my help to find out. He knew I had the capabilities to get shit done out in the free world. Especially through the help of my super amazing Jen!

For those of you who don’t know Jen is super amazing and she really gets shit done for me.

As dude sat with me asking for my help, he told me a little of what his relationship was like with his girl…

How he could only call her when she was on her way home from work because allegedly she lived with her parents and they hated “dude” and allegedly didn’t want her with him.

Red flag number one.

How she had a Facebook page but it was super private and how he wasn’t on it, nor anyone else he knew for that matter. I didn’t fully understand all of this, but maybe she told him it had something to do with her parents not approving of him so that’s why he wasn’t on her page…

Whatever the case…

That was red flag number two.

He also told me how he had heard a bunch of rumors of her being up to no good…

He even heard she might be pregnant too!

Dude told me he was inclined to believe this because she had moved out of state and he hasn’t seen her in over a year…

And in that time, she has refused to send him any “recent” photos.

Red flag! Red flag! Red flag!!

Our conversation ended and I told him I would do what I could to find something out for him. So I called Jen and asked her to look up this allusive girlfriend.

Well, sure as shit, she found her on Facebook and guess what her profile picture is…?

A picture of a newborn baby.

Since her page is private Jen wasn’t able to see much more than that. But she did see that the page was updated 20 hours prior to this picture being posted.

So at least that proved she was still alive.

I got off the phone, and I told dude about finding the page, and how it had been 20 hours since the page had been updated…

Then I told him about the thing that I definitely didn’t want to tell him about…

I told him about the picture of the newborn baby.

He immediately went into denial.

“Oh… “he said. “That’s her friend’s newborn baby.”

“I knew about that.”

So I said “ok”. And I walked away.

Later he came back and told me that he appreciated me finding something out for him and how maybe it was HER baby and how things were starting to make sense now…

How the pieces to the puzzle were starting to fit a little better.

But obviously still in denial, he brought up the “what if” factor…

What if it isn’t her baby.

Well upon further investigation Jen had further in fact proved it was looking more like her baby since she said the background photo on the girlfriends page is of a pregnant belly with pink baby shoes on it.

Yes, I to believe this is her baby. But I really ain’t trying to tell dude about this shit because I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Plus it’s sort of like the denial and “what it” factor will kind of give this guy some hope… So I just dropped it.

And since then, he hasn’t asked anymore about the situation.

But was dropping it the right thing to do…?

Should I have told him how I was convinced it was her baby…?

What would you have done in a situation like this…?

Let me know.

Thanks to everyone for checking out Valentine’s Day for a serial killer!

Thanks also to everyone for participating in the poll about which character you like to see caricatured first as well…

I’m glad to see the votes were split 50/50 between Johnny the panty bandit and serial killer because they are both equally crazy mother fuckers that deserved to be caricatured alike.

So I will get fast to work on those and you can look for them to appear sometime next week…

In the mean time how about some more excitement…

A new story coming this weekend about a guy in prison whose girlfriend just up and disappears out of the blue…

And wait until you hear why.


Well check back this weekend to read that story!

(Bonus Content) Valentine’s Day for a serial killer

So… What did you think of that story…

Valentine’s Day for a serial killer?

Pretty crazy right?

Well, how about a little more to add to the intrigue of all that…

The guy “Johnny” who was mentioned in the story, well…

He had been mentioned here before.

A loooong time ago.

Except, then, he had a different alias.

He was known as something else entirely.

Want to know what that was…?

“The panty bandit”.

For those of you knew here, you might have never read the story about the panty bandit but really, you should.

To check it out click here.

By the way, how about some characters caricatured? You know, some cartoon portraits of the guys I have been talking about and who I am locked up with.

But I’m not sure who I should draw first…

So I’ll ask you.