Top 10 things guys lie about in prison

What follows are numbers 10-6 on the Top 10 things guys lie about in prison.

  1. Being gay… It might sound like it’s meant to be funny. But you would not believe how many guys in prison are what we in the system like to refer to as “under covers”.

Guys who turn “gay” when the moment arises…

I guess that is the best way to put it.

Or maybe the worst way to put it when you think about the word “arises”

These types of guys act like they are totally not gay. Maybe even like they are the furthest thing from it. But then all of a sudden when a “super feminized” prisoner dude gets transferred to the compound, those who are the under covers come out of the closet and the wood work complete.

Then the word “wood work” takes on a whole new meaning.

  1. Being a tough guy… there are a lot of tough guys in the system but then again a lot of guys in the system just act like their tough guys.

It’s these wannabe tough guys who walk around with their chest poked out looking like they are ready for any fight.

Time and time again it seems the same thing always seems to happen to theses tough guy actors…

They get beat up something terrible by a much smaller, much more scared type of prisoner.

  1. What you are locked up for… Guys in prison are always lying about what they are locked up for.

Nobody ever wants to admit they stole a bunch of shit from Walmart. So instead they might tell other prisoners that they killed a guy. This goes with the whole falling in line of the tough roll act. Guys in prison always want to sound bigger and badder then what they really are. So it is easier to see why they might lie for what they are locked up for.

Especially if it is something stupid.

Or something embarrassing like getting pulled over for drunk driving…

Drunk driving a scooter…

Only to have the cops find out you’re a wanted fugitive.

Also, sex offender lie too, because the worst day of their life is when they are found out to be what they really are.

  1. Whether or not they snitch…No snitch will ever admit their a snitch. Especially not in prison. But the fact of the matter that plenty of guys in prison are snitches.

Whether they told on someone at trial or interrogation of an agreement for some sort of time cut or whether they are in the system telling on the tattoo man in exchange for extra trays at chow time, the point is they are telling on stuff they have no business telling on for their own benefit.

These guys are snakes at best. They do all they can to try and not ever be exposed for what they are.

And just like ex offenders…

Their worst day is when they are found out to be what they really are.

Unless they are in a jail like the one I was at during the start of my incarceration…

A place unlike any I had ever seen before where snitching was actually tolerated because everyone there was doing it…


For more on that check out “Jail House Snitches”.

  1. The material things… Guys love to lie about the material stuff.

Like cars, clothes, houses…

A guy might say “I use to have a Cadillac escalade with 30in rims, you know nothing too fancy.”

Usually when I hear guys talking like this, I respond with something like “well…I had a space shuttle out there.” If you don’t have pictures to prove anything why even bother.

A guy in prison will sell you a dream in a heartbeat. So it is always best to take most of what guys in prison talk about with a grain of salt.

Especially in reference to anything they might have had in life.

So that’s numbers 10-6 on the top 10 list of what guys in prison lie about.

What do you think numbers 5-1 are?

What do you think the number 1 thing in prison guys like to lie about is?

Got any ideas of what you think it might be?

Comment and let me know…

And check back later for  when I will post number 5-1.


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