Top 10 things guys lie about in prison continues…

  1. Women… Here is another thing guys in prison love to lie about. Women… like how many they have had. Or how “bad” they were.

“Yeah, man. I only mess with model types”. A guy might say.

Then you see them in visitation with a model type alright…

A model from Good Year blimps.

Lots of guys in prison like to believe they are God’s gift to women.

Like they are a bunch of Don Juan’s…

And anytime they talk to any female staff and get any sort of reciprocation from that…

Something as simple as saying hello to a female staff member and she says hello back…

Well, to these “Playa Playa” types that to them, is a sure sign that she wants to have sex with them.

Then the next lie these guys might come up with is some super porno type fantasy where they got a little action form this chick.

  1. How much money they had… Some of these categories in this top 10 list like “women” and “money” can be compared to that old math formula guys use to use when trying to figure out how many guys a chick might have slept with…

No matter how many guys she said she slept with…

You would times that by 3 to get the real number.

Well it is sort of the same principal here. Only, a little different.

For example, if a guy in prison said he had all these women out there in the world, tons of them even, and then you see that while in prison he has none, then you would take the number of women he said he had, and times that by “0” and you would not only get the number of women he had out there in the world, you will get where this guy measured up in life also.

With money, it’s the same thing.

Guys will always say they had all this money out there. Yet while in prison, you see them with nothing.

So in instance like that, you again take however much money they say they had, then add to that whatever they say is probably just a bunch of lies, and your left then with a roundabout idea of what they really had out there…

Nothing. Just like me and a lot of other guys here in prison.

  1. Being a big time drug dealer… This is a big one guys in prison love to lie about. Everybody in here is not only a drug dealer they also had King Pin status out there…

They love to say they were the boss or that they were out there running shit.

I would always wonder about these guys who would say they were the boss out there. Especially when you always see them following behind the next man trying to impress him.

  1. Jobs held and qualification… You would not believe how many guys in prison will lie and tell you they owned their own companies doing any and every kind of work imaginable.

I have never met more master electricians, welders, carpenters, and astronauts in my entire life.

So it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution when a guy in prison starts running down his list of qualifications to you.

A guy might tell you he had his own roofing company when really he was nothing more than a laborer for someone else.

Or a guy might tell you he is this amazing electrician but then you see that he can’t even fix a pair of headphones.

  1. Whether or not they are a drug addict… This is the number one thing in prison most guys will certainly lie about. Not many here are willing to admit they were full blown junkies on the land doing any and everything to support their habits.

The number one thing you will hear these types of guys say is “I ain’t do no drugs…I sold drugs! But I ain’t do no drugs.”

And the types of guys you will see saying this the most..

Guys who look like they use to eat crack cocaine out of cereal bowl for the last 20 years of their life.

Yeah, sure buddy…

You ain’t do no drugs.

And that’s it.

That’s the end of the top 10 things guys in prison lie about.

I’m not sure why guys in prison choose to lie so much. Whether it be just to impress the next man or whether it be that lying is just something they have done their entire lives.

One thing is certain; there sure aren’t a lot of “truths” here behind the razor wire fences.

Fortunately for you, though. Truths are a huge part of what you will find here in Joewriteshiswrongs.

Especially in terms of what it is really like behind these razor wire fences.

Next I will post 10 quick “truths about Joe” in relation to this top 10 list.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 things guys lie about in prison continues…

  1. What guys in recovery say to ladies in meetings: “I had a ten thou a day habit but I could take it or leave it” “My first wife didn’t like all the other ladies hitting on me” “Didn’t really get to be an executive with the suit and the cars until i was 23…” Riiiight. And the thing is they’re not locked up. Their actual exes, creditors, anyone could walk in any time.

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