Two Cheating Hearts

Two friends of mine in two different places in life, both just found out their girlfriends were cheating on them.

One had been released from prison about a year ago and the other goes home in less than 30 days.

It seemed like on the exact same day both of these guys found out their girlfriends had been cheating on them.

I feel horrible for both of them.

First, my friend who was released a year ago, I actually aspired to have something like what he had.

He had came home from prison, got his shit together, and got his life on track with his girlfriend.

In my eyes I thought this guy had a great life. Yet, it obviously wasn’t as great as it seemed if his girlfriend cheated on him.

All I could think was this could really be one of those things in life where guys like us who just recently came home after incarceration could get tripped up and do something stupid that could cause us to get locked up again.

Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to talk to this friend since I heard about this on Facebook.

I have tried to call him but he hasn’t answered.

I know he is going through some tough times and I can only hope he keeps his head on straight as he deals with this situation.

As for the other friend…

Well he is in here with me with less than 30 days before he is released.

His situation is a little different to cause his girlfriend is a stripper.

There is certain risks that come from having a girlfriend in that kind of work. Especially while you are locked up.

One of those risks is that a girlfriend who strips could also start escorting…

And that is exactly what happen in my friends case.

So not only has she been cheating on him but she has also been prostituting also.

Personally, to me, this isn’t that big of a thing. I mean the whole “prostitution” thing…

What is so wrong with that?

Hell, one of my good friends out there who is a chick just recently told me she is a prostitute. (Another story for another time.)

Still…Want to know what my reaction was?


“Hey, can you send me some money?”

I mean, what’s the big deal?

Plus, why would you ever give year heart to a chick who strips if you were not fully prepared to handle all that could potentially come from a situation like that.

You know like her having sex with other guys for money?

It’s obvious that my friend hadn’t prepared himself for anything like that.

He has been a total wreck since learning about all of this. And all I can think is “Jesus.”

This guy has less than 30 days before he goes home.

The last thing he needs right now is that sort of drama…

Or to feel like his whole world is coming unhinged.

He is getting ready to go home for god sakes!

He should be happy.

Not stressed out and thinking a bunch of crazy shit.

It’s crazy to.

I mean, I genuinely see how miserable this situation makes this friend of mine. Yet, he still continues to be in a relationship with this chick.

When I wonder why, two things come to mind…

  1. Some people are just scared to be alone.
  2. Some people love drama.

His life, though.

And really, it is none of my concern except when he is in all but tears cause of this chick and trying to talk to me about it.

I got to be honest though. I really don’t care about any of the drama he is dealing with. I just hope he gets out there and gets his shit together.

Maybe you think some of what I say sounds cold. But the truth is I have been in a relationship exactly like this before.

Well, maybe not exactly. I mean, my girlfriend at the time wasn’t a whore charging slut bucket.

She was just the whole “whore-slut bucket”.

Still, she put me through a world of shit the same.

So I know how situations like this one end…

Not good at all.

They are sorta like doomed before they even really get a chance to start.

Unfortunately, for some people, like in my case, it takes a endless amount of foolish shit to happen before we realize that sort of relationship isn’t one that we want or need to be in.


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