A follow up of mural painter versus floor guy

It might seem like I was a real asshole for what I did and the way I handled the situation with the floor guy. But the fact of the matter is this…

In prison, just like as in life in general, you will find many instances where you MUST stand up for yourself.

If you don’t, some people might think they can just walk all over you, talk badly to you, or treat you the same.

In a lot of these cases, all it really takes is for you to stand up and evoke change.

Some cases though…

And mostly those that occur in prison also require a bit of fighting thrown into the mix to really invoke that change.

I was lucky in this instance that fighting wasn’t part of the deal.

Well maybe the floor guy was.

Whatever the case, the point of all this is…

If there is something that is bothering you or something that you don’t like that someone is doing say something.

Tell them.

Because keeping it bottled up inside only makes things worse.

Hell, I messed up a perfectly good floor and was ready to kill a guy in my case.

So don’t be like me.

If something is bothering you…

Err on the side of caution…

Think before you speak, but also say so immediately.

Check out… A mural painter versus a floor guy


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