What I consider most important in terms of me making it

I have 8 months until I come home and to some that might seem like a lot of time. I mean, it’s almost a year right? But to me, and for as long as I have been locked up already, it’s really no time and all. Time is moving faster now then I have seen it move throughout these last 6+ years I have been incarcerated. I think the reason for that is because now as I reach closer towards release there is so much more to work for which keeps me too busy to be worried about time. Before I know it, another week has passed.

Then another month…

One of the most important things I have to start working towards are the fines I owe the courts. It is my goal to start paying on them now even while still incarcerated.

If there was some sort of percentage scale for my chances of making it after I am released, then these court fines being paid off would probably account for 35% of my chances to make it.

Why so much and why are they so important?

Because without these fines being paid off or without me having at least some sort of payment plan set up for them, I cannot obtain a drivers license.

Back to that little make shift percentage scale of my chances for succeeding after release and how important a drivers license is on that scale…

I feel that too is about 35% as well.

Why so much?

Because without a driver’s license it’s going to be pretty hard to try and find a job.

So imagine this…

35% of my chances for success after release depend upon me paying off my court fines.

Another 35% of my chances depend upon me obtaining my driver’s license so that I can find a job and hopefully a good one at that.

So that’s 70% of my chances that depends on those two things alone.

The last 30 is maintain the employment I find and also staying away from anything that could lead me to trouble or back to a situation like this in the future.

Like my New England Patriots just did this past weekend, being against a hot Baltimore Ravens team I much refuse to be defeated no matter how heavy the odds against me seem.

That’s why now I am going to attempt the unlikely and at least start trying to pay something towards this mountain of debt I owe the court.

Every little bit helps and something means nothing…

So that is what I must do.

I must do something…

And how am I going to do something?


What would Joewriteshiswrongs be without ole’ Joe here having a little idea in the making…


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