I am Charlie…Love and Support

There is so much going on there is so much I want to say. Half of which I can’t even talk about because I’m in prison and who might be listening. The wrong ones could very well be keeping tabs. But on the flip side I got all the right ones here too.

All of you who check out and keep up with all that I do.

Those who have been here for awhile.

And those who are brand new to this that is Joewriteshiswrongs.

To all of you I say “Hello.”

“What’s up?”

“It’s good to be reaching you.”

“Thanks for showing your love and support.”

Love and support…

Two strong words much needed in times like these when terror attacks are being carried out on foreign soil. In a place so far from where I am at yet still able to reach me and feel so close to home.

Or maybe just close to my heart.

Cartoonist, like what I consider myself to be, and other innocent lives were lost over the freedom of speech and freedom of press.

Over a cartoon…

You couldn’t even imagine the type of cartoons this has gotten me ready to make.

Freedom of speech…

I’m in a place where I have to suppress half of what I really want to say.

I can’t give it to you the way I really want to be giving it to you most of the time. Although in some regards I don’t have that kind of freedom.

Not entirely at least.

Nor do I have any other real freedoms for that matter.

Maybe it is all this that is why freedom of speech is something I feel so strongly about.

“I am Charlie” has become the world wide slogan in support of that freedom and I am right there on board with that.

I even created something for that to show my support that I hope to have posted as early as tomorrow.

“I am Charlie”.

Love and support…

In the mist of this immense tragedy abroad, there has been another tragedy in the making here at the prison that today I was given the opportunity to do my part and try and prevent. And sometimes it’s just talking to someone who might need a little encouragement that could go a long way towards really helping that person.

I hope today I was able to do that. And I feel like I really did.

I saw earlier today that those who carried out the horrific acts of terrorism in France were killed earlier.

I’m glad they were.

Death has to be the price for crimes of that magnitude.

I hope now can begin the process of morning, heeling, and preparing.

I can only imagine that will be a long process.

But I hope that love and support in that process is made at least a little easier.

I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends who lost loved ones.

This act of terrorism stemming solely from creative expressions has affected me deeply.


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