How bad could it really be?


Happy 2015 Everyone!

Hey have I told you this is MY year!?!

Yup. I’m getting out in less than a year now.

Speaking years… It’s been about a year now since I created Joewriteshiswrongs.

Throughout this time I have been all over the place with this blog… Creating all sorts of little sections and categories along the way too. But as I get closer to release, one question remains in my mind…

As I try to write my wrongs from here in prison, have I been writing –those- wrongs all along?

Here is the short of it, is Joewriteshiswrongs moving in the right direction or what I consider to be the right direction in relation to what the bigger picture is?

After my release, Joewriteshiswrongs will be transformed into something a lot bigger! So I need to do all I can now to ensure I get where I am trying to go with all of this.

How does that affect you who support and follow Joewriteshiswrongs?

In a big way, I hope!

I want this blog and all that will come from it after my release to be something out there all of you really enjoy!

To help me with all of that, I put together a survey with some questions I hope you will take the time to answer.

Those answers will give me a better understanding of how I am doing here and anything I might need to focus on more- or less.

Oh, and if you feel you are to new here to take this survey, please dig back in the archives a little… Check out some of the stuff I have posted over the course of that last year. I would like to hear all of your opinions…

Please answer honestly, break my heart if you must… thanks for taking the time to take this survey.

Is there anything that you would like to see more of or anything else you think could make Joewriteshiswrongs any better? Comment and let me know.

Joewriteshiswrongs will always be… because even after this incarceration is over, a whole new chapter will then begin.

I will always be “Joe writing my wrongs”.

And this, here and now, is only the foundation for a monumental structure I plan to erect from the groundwork.

It’s you who have been with me since the beginning, and even all of you who have come aboard from here on that are the motivating force that drives my ambitions to achieve so much awesomeness.

Believe me when I say I am nowhere yet compared to what I hope to accomplish with, from and through this blog. I thank every one of you who follow, share, and support what I am doing here.

I may be just a prisoner in prison a crime I created as a criminal… but I am a lot more than that too.


One thought on “How bad could it really be?

  1. i love reading your blog!! I think that you’ve come a long way, just by what I can see through your blogs and cartoons. And by a long way, I mean both intellectually, artistically, and emotionally. I enjoy reading your stories, both serious and funny, about what you experience, how you feel about it, how others react to it, etc. I think once you are released, reminiscing of the days from within the razor wire and putting it on paper would be a successful road to take. You are extremely talented with cartooning, drawing, and painting as well – I could definitely see you taking that in a few different directions. As far as keeping the blog alive post prison, you could always share your thoughts, feelings, successes, struggles, what helps you to transition, what was hard to adjust to, etc… Things like that would not only help you, but would help so many others, like myself, who are going through similar situations or have a loved one going through it. 🙂 you can and will be successful!! You’re not made for prison… You are gonna beat the statistics and will prove that people really can make lemons into lemonade!! 🙂


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