Banning ‘the box’ to help ex-convicts find jobs

I saw the story on the news called ban the box about different states trying to do away with the “Have you been convicted of a felony?” Question on job applications, and I thought this was pretty interesting.

On job applications, applicants are asked if they have “ever” “or in the last five years” “or “in 10 years” been convicted of a felony, and to check “yes” or “no”.

Well, ban the box is suppose to give felons a fair chance at reasonable employment through jobs that are supposed to be felon friendly in the first place, but in all actuality might be more felon discriminatory.

Ban the box is simply just to help felons get pass the initial application process instead of denied out right because of a felony conviction or, like me with a whole bunch of felony convictions.

The goal of this legislation is to get felons at least to the interview stage or maybe a one on one with a possible employer which could better their chances at a job. So maybe an employer who would deny an applicant out right because he or she checked the “yes” box for a felony conviction, that employer might actually see some good in that applicant during the interview process and then decide he or she might be worth a chance to hire.


Finding a job once released for people like myself is a huge deal and it gives me hope seeing states try to give felons a better chance at that. Fortunately, I don’t think Virginia is one of those states yet. But maybe soon they will be.

Check out the link below to watch the video on “Ban the box”.

Banning ‘the box’ to help ex-convicts find jobs.


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