“The Racial Divide”

OK, so here it is…

There are a lot of racial issues going on in our society today. The three top stories of police involved killings in which a white cop KILLED a black person, kid or an adult only adds jet fuel to this wildfire of racial tension we face.

And notice how I say “black person” verses person of color.

Does it sound HARSH when I say “black person?”

Well if it does, then why does it?

I mean, we can easily throw around “white” terminology.

“White” person.

“White boy.”

So why is it so much different addressing someone as a “black person?”

Why does it seem like everything is always about race…?

Or always so quick to be considered racist?

In my opinion, the reason is because in this country we face an ever-growing racial divide. Racism is a real problem. And those of us (and I speak from a white standpoint here because that’s the only vantage point I can offer up seeing as I am white) who aren’t racist, myself included, view the “race card” as what?

A touchy subject.

Like a white person addressing someone as a “black person” sounds what?


Too racy?

Or edgy?

Like we’re skirting the line of what is “racially right” and acceptable?

Well, I’ve got some news for you people. Oh, God…

I just said “you people.”

Now THAT would seem VERY racist if I was targeting one individual race with a comment.

But I’m not.

A fact of life.

I’m speaking to everyone.

We’ve got to get OVER ourselves! We’ve got to get over the fact that racism is but not everyone is a racist!

Unfortunately, what makes things so bad is that racism isn’t going away. And in some regards it’s probably getting a lot worse too.

But sadly just the way it is.

Something we’re not going to be able to change.

I mean, ask yourself this…

How do you make someone stop hating you who hates you based solely on the color of your skin?

Do you honestly think that you can change that person or that that person has the capacity to change?

Well, wait.

In the movie “American History X”, Edward Norton was a racist, and he changed, right?

Oh, yeah. But that was only after he went to prison and was gang raped and fucked in his ass that he decided to change. And don’t forget how that movie ended either… With Edward Norton’s little racist brother getting killed by a black kid, after Edward Norton came home from prison and tried to convert him into a non-racist.

Point being, the issue still stands. No matter the efforts we make to try and change things.

By the way, if you’ve never seen “American History X”. I highly recommend that you do.

Look, we can’t change the way people have been wired to think or have wired themselves to think. And if you think we can, then please tell me how.

My opinion on how each of us should handle racism… Sort of like the serenity prayer.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

Racism is something I feel we cannot change.

It would do all of us a lot of good to just be able to accept that and move on.

Now maybe your rebuttal to all that I have just mentioned is “well you’re white…”

“What do you know about racism and its negative affects?”

Maybe you think I have never experienced racism for myself, first hand.

More news for you, I most certainly have.

I’m in prison for God’s sake!!

The most negative and racist place I have ever experienced.

In here, a lot of whites hate blacks.

But just the same, there are a lot of blacks that hate whites.

This goes for staff too.

Prison is a melting pot of racism and racial tension. So believe me when I say that I know what it’s like to be treated a certain way based solely on the color of my skin.

Moving on…

The three recent killings of blacks by a white cop.

The Ferguson case.

The Eric Garner case, and the 12 year old kid who was shot and killed while holding a toy gun.

Before I go into each of these three cases and my thoughts on them, let me first say this for the record.

My feelings about racism by itself are one thing. Life what gets to a hater most? Smiling in that mother fuckers face and not only going about your business unfazed by their hatred, but thriving in spite of it also.

But my feelings about racism mixed with the police and their over stepping, over reacting tactics that lead to the death of unarmed individuals is another thing entirely.

Yes, I most certainly agree with the fact that something MUST be done to correct what is horribly wrong with law enforcement across the nation and those trusted to uphold it. Especially, when unarmed black citizens keep coming up dead due to a judgment call made by a white cop.

Back to the three recent cases in question…

I view each of these cases differently starting with the Ferguson case.

Allegedly, Michael Brown stole some blunts from a store and then when confronted by police, a struggle ensued.

Michael Brown ended up shot multiple times and killed.

The cop, Darren Wilson, said he feared for his life and that Brown was going for his gun.

The investigation allegedly revealed that there was a bullet wound on Michael Browns thumb which could indicate signs of a struggle for the fun.

If the evidence that the investigation yielded was correct then possibly Michael Browns’ death was justified. However, who’s to say what really happened?

There was a lot of different witness testimony and (allegedly) much of that did not match what the evidence had suggested what really happened.

Or, who’s to say that all of this wasn’t just a police cover up with falsified evidence.

The fact of the matter is there are just too many “what ifs” in this case for me to say one way or another how I should feel about it.

I do wonder a few things about all of this though…

How much does race play into the police opinion on how to view this or who to side with in this case?

Like do blacks automatically side with Michael Brown’s death being a result of police abusing their power and this being a case of racist profiling?

Do ANY blacks feel that Brown may have struggled for the cop’s gun and his death may have been justified?

How about white people?

Do they automatically side with the cop feeling like maybe he did have a reason to shoot and kill Michael Brown?

Are whites less quick to rush to judgment in this case?

Well, if so, then, why?

If you have an opinion in all of this, I’d like to hear it. So, please comment and let me know what you think.

At the end of this post, there will be a poll. Just for the sake of curiosity I’ll ask whither or not you feel like Michael Browns death was justified by the circumstances, whatever you think those circumstances were.

This poll won’t have anything to do with whether you are black or white. (Michael Jackson song).

It’s just to get a feel for what people as a whole really think about this case.

Next is the case of Eric Garner. The black guy in New York City who was choked to death by a white cop.

The entire crime was caught on tape. And on it you can clearly hear Eric Garner say “I can’t breathe.”

Notice how I say “crime”, too.


Because I feel what this cop did was CRIMINAL and in my opinion, this cop should have been charged with MURDER!

This is a clear cut case.


Because the whole crime is on tape! There is actually video footage of it!

How do you dispute that?!?

How does anyone consider this justifiable?!?

I feel this case is a blatant misuse and abuse of police power.

I feel like race was probably an issue too. And I’m made to feel this way simply because I can see it clearly for myself on video.

And if I can see it, can’t EVERYONE see it?

So my question is how is this cop NOT charged with MURDER?

Last, is the case of the 12 year old kid (Tamir Rice) who was shot and killed while holding or waiving a toy gun. Even though, the two prior cases were tragic in their own regard. I feel this case is the MOST tragic.

For whatever reasons the 911 dispatcher did not relay the fact that the gun was probably fake. So because of that who’s to know what the cops thought when they saw the gun. Or even if the kid displayed the gun or acted with it.

Did he raise the weapon to the police in anyway? Because if he did, then I’m a little more understanding of the outcome.

Whatever the case, simply because the child was holding what was considered to be a gun, I’m more inclined to view his killing at being justified no matter how horrible I feel the circumstances surrounding the case are.

And that’s it.

Three different killings of blacks by white cops.

Three different views from a white guy about each of them.

Again, if you have a comment or opinion about any of this, please weigh in.

I want to hear what you think. And I’m going to start asking for that a lot more..



As I wrap this up, I’ll leave you with a few more of my thoughts about this ever present racial divide we face.

I truly believe that as the culture of our society becomes more mixed and blend together, then those on the outskirts of either side whether blacks or whites (and not everyone either, just those not willing to accept change, or who are unaccepting of it, or who just don’t like it altogether) become even more separated from those they view as different from themselves.

Could this, impact, be the reason for the 3 recent high profile killings of blacks by white cops?

Or could all of these cases, or some of, or one of these cases, at least, just be a case of coincidence.

Like it just so happened to be a black person…

It just so happened to be a white cop…

Whatever the case may be, people are going to feel the way they feel about it.

And their entitled to feel that way, too.

But I guess in the same regard certain people are GOING to NOT like other people too.

Whether it’s because they’re black.

Or because they’re white.

Ultimately, it’s because those CERTAIN people are racist.

But not everyone is a racist.

And not everything in my opinion has to be race related.

Though we damn sure always like to try and make it seem that way.





I did one of these cartoons, another guy here at the prison did one and the two other ones I found in the newspaper… All 4 are racially charged and emphasize just how much race seems to play a part in our society.


3 thoughts on ““The Racial Divide”

  1. For the most part: I think all the cases you described could of been prevented. My question is: why shoot to kill? Many American cops seem to specifically aim for torso / head. Why not the legs? Why not the arms? It’s interesting that many police officers around the world are not armed, yet, they still manage to handle violent situations. Words and clubs are extremely underestimated.

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  2. While it’s definitely a ‘race issue’, I think the bigger issue in these recent killings is the disturbing amount of power police are given in extenuating circumstances. Technically, what Darren Wilson did was perfectly legal–and that’s the real crime, to me. Should it have ever happened? No. Of course not. A kid died. Do I think it was justified? No. But yes, it was legal.

    And I have to say–I think racism can be changed, but not by rioting in the streets. It’ll take a conscious effort by people of all colors, and a little bit of bravery. We just need to get to know one another, that’s all. We’re still very much stuck in your third cartoon, and it doesn’t do anybody any good.

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