A Birthday Card From My Bunkie Kenny

This is something my “bunkie” Kenny made me for my birthday. I meant to post it on my birthday or around my birthday but truth be told I lost it and couldn’t find it till just recently.

So, on my birthday I came back from work and Kenny says “hey I made you something for your birthday.”

“Ball that shit up and throw it in the trash” I said in return. Then I walked off.

Well when I came back, Kenny said “All it was was a birthday card.”

Then he began to explain how it was this guy holding a pole talking about quit looking at my pole while wearing a “free J. G. tee shirt.”

Man, I felt like shit after hearing about this and realizing that here was my good friend of about a year. About a year we’ve been together everyday going through this all this together Who put some effort into something for my birthday just to try and make me feel better on it…

“I’m going to go dig it out of the trash.” I told Kenny because the trash is where I told him to put it.

Yes I know… I am an utter scumbag.

But then Kenny who was laying in his bunk and the time and me sitting in my little plastic chair below him, he handed it down to me because he didn’t throw it away.

He knew I would eventually want to see it after I heard what it was.

And this is what my Bunkie and good friend Kenny made for me.

Is it gay? Yes. Maybe just a little. But we joke a lot like that. I mean we are in prison.

But did I enjoy it…? The card I mean. Not the gay joking…But sometimes that too.


And now I share this somewhat gay card my Bunkie made for me on my birthday.

Oh and by the way, where he signs it “ Ya homeboy, Sunshine…”

“Sunshine” is what I call him every morning when he’s trying to drag his lazy ass out of his top bunk and I’ve already been up for like an hour and a half working on my master plan to take over the world. I mean succeed.

I say every morning…

Hey Sunshine. How are you?



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