A little something after so long

What’s up everyone?!? Today is my birthday so I figured I would post a little something. Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes. ALL OF YOU…Please know how much that means to a guy locked up struggling to make it through this.

Mr. Randy Glasbergen, thanks too. I hope soon my cartoons appear in playboy, right next to yours!

I really need to get back to posting something, at least every once in awhile. But even though I haven’t been doing that lately, don’t think I haven’t been doing shit otherwise. I have been keeping myself pretty busy… doing a lot of painting, cartoons and other art stuff that I soon hope to post and show all of you.

I had this feeling since last Friday like this week was going to be horrible. But since then, it really hasn’t been. On Sunday, my Patriots smashed another top ranked AFC threat, and took over sole possession as the #1 AFC. So that in itself was an early birthday present. We went on lockdown for a shakedown that only lasted 2 days. I got through that pretty much no sweat considering I’m always pretty much sweating a shakedown. And overall today hasn’t been that bad at all. Even though this morning I almost got in 2 fights back to back because that is just how my morning got started. Guess I was still feeling the anger from yesterday. Yesterday being my brothers birthday and I couldn’t even wish him a happy birthday because we haven’t talked in like 4 years.

Fuck it though.

And like I have been trying to convince myself I can’t dwell on what can’t be fixed at the moment. I can only concern myself with what it is right now and move forward.

On a more positive note, today I realized that even though I’m in a fucked up place, I’ve got some good things to keep in mind…

Today is the last birthday I will spend locked up. I will be home long before my next one. Around Sept of next year.

And also, I’ve got some pretty great friends, in here and out there too. And it is knowing that which means the most to a guy who is really trying to turn it all around.