“The first time I was ever arrested…”

There are certain stories from my life, a lot of stories actually, that are just too much for this blog.

Some of the personal accounts of the most unbelievable shit I have ever been through.

Others are completely over the top, too much to be posted here on Joewriteshiswrongs.

It is all of these stories that I hope to utilize into something productive.

Something positive.

Funny too considering all of these stories involve my past which is a pretty negative subject. But then again, I am trying to turn that negative into a positive.

I’m offering these stories from my past in short story eBooks.

For $1.99 you can glimpse into the madness that use to be my life.

By purchasing these short story eBooks that are guaranteed to entertain, you will not only learn a lot more about me you will also help me start moving in the direction as I inch closer to release.

What direction is that?

Well… profits made from these eBooks will go directly towards the seemingly insurmountable court fines I must pay in order to get my life back on track (more coming on that this week).

For now, enjoy a story for free.

This is an example of an over the top short story about a time from my past that is much like the short story eBooks I’ll soon be offering here on Joewriteshiswrongs.

Keep in mind that if you enjoy this story that follows then there is a great chance you will enjoy the short story eBooks as well.

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think!



“The first time I was ever arrested…”

When I was 18 years old I was completely out of control. Back then my entire life revolved around crime…

Mostly breaking into unlocked cars.

This was something I did with a good friend of mine. Something that was dangerous as hell that could have easily gotten us killed.

Something that today I am not proud of. Back then, sort of a means of survival.

It was how my friend and I got by… Breaking into these unlocked cars in search of whatever we could find of value.


Stereo systems.



We would usually scope out nice suburban areas during the day. Taking our time to learn the neighborhoods, we would take notice of exit routes and possible points of interest.

Then at night, late at night, we would get dressed up in all black and began our assault on these innocent unsuspecting neighborhoods.

Usually it would start out with one of us going up into someone’s driveway, checking to see if a car was unlocked and it if was, then we would open the door and start rummaging about for goodies.

While this took place, the other would stand watch.

But as the night progressed, we would get more daring.

More ballsy.

Within an hour it was common for each of us to be on our own, taking inventory of unlocked cars with no one standing guard.

This made our felonious activities that much more dangerous because not only did we not have anyone there watching our backs in case someone saw us that we didn’t see, it was also easy to lose track of where the other one was at.

This one night in particular all of that would come into play…

The night began as most others did. One of us began checking unlocked cars while the other stood guard.

Then before long both of us were busy at work.

All of a sudden while I was inside of a car, the garage light popped on right in front of me.

Then, the garage door cranked to life and began opening!

Within .-2 seconds I was gone.

I hauled ass so fast I can’t even remember much of anything.

Like where I ran…where I hid.


What I do remember is that I had no idea where my crime partner was at.

I just took off. Not even looking to see if he was anywhere in site.

Looking back on this, I feel like a coward.

He could have easily gotten jammed up because of me. I mean, I just took off.

But I won’t lie…I was scared.

Once I had gotten into what I felt like was a safe distance away, which only ended up being right across the street hiding behind a neighbor’s house, I watched what was going on back at the house that had just been wakened.

They must have seen me because in the upstairs window I saw the light come on and then go out, and then the mini blinds parted where someone must have been keeping an eye out.

Not only that, but someone had gotten into the vehicle I had just previously occupied and began canvassing the neighborhood. “Shit.” I thought. “They are looking for me.”

What’s worse?

I had no idea where my friend was at.

Thankfully, though. I began hearing a distant faint whistle…

I knew then it was my partner and all of his illegalness.

He was looking for me.

We soon met up and he recounted the event that had led up to where we now were.

He said he heard the garage door open up and saw me run, and then he also ran.

Thank God.

I then told him what I knew up to that point…

Someone saw me, someone is now watching from the upstairs window.

And someone is out now looking for us…creeping slowly up and down the street looking for us.

This posed a HUGE problem for a couple of reasons.

1…. We didn’t know for sure but we had assumed the cops had been called.

2…. There was someone in a vehicle right now looking for us. Probably looking to KILL us! And,

3…. The biggest problem of all…Our escape was seriously compromised at this point.

Not only was someone looking for us who might follow and chase us, and not only because the cops might be on their way at that exact moment… though, those two things were minor details compared to the biggest fact of our problem.

Our getaway vehicle…

It was parked right in front of these nice peoples house that had just awakened and were hunting for us!

Shit was not looking good…

We had no feasible solution to our problem of escaping.

But, for some reason, after what had seemed like an hour, we stopped seeing the car that was hunting for us. Also, we hadn’t seen the cops…

Maybe they didn’t call the cops.

Maybe they felt better to address the situation themselves. Maybe justifiable homicide was on their mind.

Who knows?

What I did know at the time… At least what I felt I knew…

I felt like we might have a chance to escape. All we had to do was run, jump in the car, and haul ass.

Screw the person who was still in the window watching us! The chase car seemed gone.

Maybe he had to go to work.

And it seemed the cops obviously weren’t coming.

The way I saw it, all we had to do was hop in the car, and get out of the city.

That was only a couple of minutes down the road.

So, after what seemed like forever, and after we mustered up the balls to make a run for it, possibly in plain sight of whoever was watching…

We went for it.

We ran out from behind the house like two mad men, both of us heading for the car. Once we reached the car I jumped in the driver’s seat.

My buddy slide across the hood of the car, something you would see in Dukes of Hazard.

With both of us safely in the car, I fumbled and bobbled the keys. But finaly I found the ignition.

Then I cranked the car to life, shifted it into gear, and VROOOOM! !

The engine roared load as a nascar. Yet we went nowhere.

I had shifted the car into neutral.


With the RPM still rocket high I grinded the gear shift into drive and we took off.

Somehow, miraculously, we made it out of the city and into another neighboring one.

I had suggested then that we call it a night. All that had just happen had to be a sign that this was not the night to fuck around. Yet, we were hard up for cash.

We had to chance it again in another city.

In another neighborhood.

So that’s what we did.

We pulled up into unfamiliar territory a neighborhood that we had not yet scoped out.

We parked the car, and began our mission in this village of wonder. Before long we had a mass of a few high dollar electronic items. Maybe this night could be salvaged after all.

At least that’s what I thought at the time.

Then, we saw headlights coming down the street.

Anytime a car came we were forced to hide. But as we did, we waited for the car to pass.

And pass it did. Only it did so very slowly…

But there was no mistaking what this car was.

It was an unmarked cop car.

“Okay, that’s it.” I thought.

It’s time to go.

We had risked it once and gotten away when shit turned bad. And we had risked it again. This time around collecting big ticket items.

Now it was time to get the hell out of dodge.

Once the coast was clear, we again hopped in the car to make yet another great escape.

Only this one wouldn’t be so great.

Nor would we even escape for that matter.

When we pulled up to a stop light leaving from the neighborhood, there was a cop car directly in front of us waiting for the light to turn so he could head into the neighborhood.

I felt it instantly.

He was there for us.

As soon as the light turned my gut was right. We turned to leave, and he jumped right behind us.

Lights blazing.

I pulled over hoping to concoct some story as to what we were doing but my efforts were to no avail.

We were instantly arrested.

Grand larceny.

Possession of burglary tools.

With me in one cop car and my buddy in another we were both hauled off to jail.

I had no idea what the future would hold for either of us.

Will we spend years locked up?

Would my life be over?

At that point, I really didn’t care to think about any of that.

So I went to sleep.

And I slept pretty good too considering that was my first time ever being arrested.


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