The “punk” tattoo guy

Along time ago back when I was “green” to all of this being locked up stuff, there was this friend I met while in jail. He had this tattoo on his chest of a crazy looking face, and under it was the word “punk”.

When I asked him why he had punk tattooed on his chest he told me it represented the style of music he liked…punk-rock.

Okay, I thought. Cool.

I like punk-rock too.

He even said he used to work at the Global radio station that played a lot of that type of music. This was a radio station I was a big fan of as well.

From that point on, we hit it off.

Punk tattoo guy was a pretty cool dude. Plus he always gave me magazines and all sorts of food, which, by the way, in jail, those are both two great things to have.

He got out shortly thereafter, but I wasn’t there for that. I was in solitary confinement due to a recent fight I had been in.

What’s crazy is that while I was in solitary I got a letter from the recently released punk tattoo guy.

Why is this crazy?

Well, because guys always say they will keep in touch after they are released, but most never do. Yet here was punk tattoo guy and yet not only did he write he also sent me $15.00.

Wow! This was great, I thought.

But then I read the letter he sent me. And it went something like this….

Hey Joe! How are ya? Hey. Look…. I’m not sure if you knew or not, but I’m not exactly straight. I’m not like some flaming fairy or nothing. But, I am gay…

Mayday, I thought we just lost major altitude.

As I read this, I reflected on a lot of things. And a lot of things started to make sense.


Was this gay dude trying to woo me through FOOD and MAGAZINES the entire time he was in jail? And now through $15.00 money orders after his release!?!

Well, if he was…

I was wooed.

I wrote back asap something along the lines of…

Hey punk tattoo guy! Thanks for the money order. By the way, NOT gay over here! Hey matter of fact, guess who is ABSOLUTELY the farthest thing from gay….?

This guy. Right here.

But hey, I’m not knocking your sexual affiliation just saying it’s not me.

Can we still be friends?

Oh hey, before I forget…

Could you look up the address of EVERY chick I ever had sex with…?

I’m really trying to “sure up” I’m NOT GAY.

Take care now.

Needless to say, I never heard from him again.

Guess I broke his gay little heart.

Oh, and by the way, the “punk” tattoo yeah, punk is also another word that can mean gay. Which is kinda what I thought when I first read it but he really threw me for a loop with all the music talk.

Thank God that was the only thing he threw me for.


One thought on “The “punk” tattoo guy

  1. “Guess I broke his gay little heart.” – many people try their hand if they find someone attractive, I suspect it’s quite a lot harder to judge if someone is likely to reciprocate their affection if they themselves are gay/lesbian or bi-sexual, certainly in the society we live in at present and therefore actually takes quite a lot of guts when they do so. He seemed very polite about it.

    – sonmicloud


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