Prison tattoos….An introduction

Tattoos are a big part of prison life. Guys in here are always getting work done. Some get tons of work while others not so much. The minority here are the guys who don’t get any work at all. Most of these guys who don’t get any work are total douche bags.


Because usually the guys who don’t get any work are the guys who are TELLING on the ones who are. Don’t get me wrong, though. Not all who are not getting tattoos are police secret informants…

There are tons of exceptions.

Like the guys who can’t afford them. Or aren’t around anyone who is doing good work. Or they just don’t like tattoos and therefore have none.

Those guys, are for the most part, exempt from being categorized as total “D-bags”.

Guys got prison tattoos for all sorts of different reasons to. Some get pieces to represent the time they have served. Or gang affiliations. Girls they love or HAVE loved. The loss of someone close like a family member. Or possibly for the biggest reason of all… Simply for NO reason. They just get them because maybe they are bored. We, as prisoners here certainly have a lot of time on our hands.

Being as I use to be the “tat man” here in prison one of the many guys you could come to when getting your tattoos done, I’ve got tons of stories about this subject. Most of which are crazy as hell and I feel you will get much enjoyment from these wild and almost unbelievable tales.

Hey, this one time… this gay dude paid me to tattoo another guys name on him. That sure was a strange case to say the least.

Be prepared to be wowed, by the prison tattoo madness to come.


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