Hey… Do you think my writing sucks? Well sometimes I SURE think it does. But that’s okay….

Know why? Because I’m writing from PRISON!

PrIsOn! For God sakes!

Not exactly a prime peace of mind writing environment.


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  1. Think of it this way – the content is great – the odd spelling mistake and grammar slip (and they aren’t that frequent) – are just what proof-readers are for. There are plenty of people who have marvelous grammar….but their stories are awful. Your stories have interest and are true. You’re ahead of some people by miles and miles 🙂

    – sonmicloud

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that! Good way of looking at things I suppose. 🙂 -Joe

      P.S. I (Jen) would have to take blame for the spelling and some grammar mistakes, since after all he reads it over the phone and I type it lol. I do occasionally miss something. Like you said though…that is was proof-readers are for. 🙂

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