My biggest mural yet

Finally it’s done and here it is a nightmare piece completed.

The size of this project alone had me stressing big time in the beginning because it was then that I saw absolutely no end to this thing.  But slowly, things began to progress and towards the end I even had a little bit of help from another mural painter. He did the spaceship part and the underwater seas. Even though you can’t see that because Jen and I are standing in the way.

It’s funny because when Jen came to see me last weekend I said “hope you don’t mind but this picture were gonna take… I’m more concerned with trying to get the mural entirety in the picture”. I knew this meant it would be a shot from far off, though the picture came out great.

Jen looks great.

The piece looks awesome.

And me…I look mediocre in comparison to this amazing person and completed piece I am standing next too.

A good friend Justin Young, who just recently went home from here, outlined this project. He drew it on the wall and was released before he could get any further on it. So it was then that I took over on it.

The biggest thing that motivated me throughout work on this project was thinking that after I’m released possibly trying to donate a piece similar to this one to a children’s hospital or some sort of youth center.

I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life and I am always eager for a chance to try and do some good in any way I can. However meager that may seem. But that’s just me in the literally form, trying to “right my wrongs”.

Since completing this project I hear after every weekend how so many people take pictures with their loved ones in front of this piece during visitation.

Especially, their kids!

Guys are always telling me how their kids come in and see this piece and say “that’s Captain Jack daddy!” or “That’s Doc Mcstuffins!”

It’s a great feeling to have accomplished something that can add even just a little bit of happiness to people’s lives here.



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