An idea and a question

“Do not ask me about my future. My future is my past.”

Okay… So here it is. Recently, I have been conflicted to say the least with what I am doing with Joewriteshiswrongs. I want to utilize this blog for all that it is and all that is can be. I really feel like there is a lot of potential here and not utilizing that would be a total waste.

Joewriteshiswrongs is all about my pitiful life incarcerated and everything going on with that as I try to forge a better and brighter life for myself.

But just as important as where I am trying to go from where I am is where I have come from and what I have gone through to get even this far.

My life certainly has been a crazy ride. I want to tell you all about it.

But first, I wonder would you even want to hear about it? It’s not a pretty story at all. It might even be the most insane adventure and journey you ever read about from a guy who has lived to tell it.

It’s a gritty tale chalked full of drugs, women and crime. But it’s also my life that has gotten me to this point.

Oh and by the way, “My big ass jacked up truck” was barely even scratching the surface through all the madness that has been my life.

I almost feel like this is the story I HAVE to tell, it is all that is my past and it has made my life what it currently is.

Theodore Roosevelt said after his presidency when asked if he would ever consider getting back into politics in the future…

“Do not ask me about my future. My future is my past.”

I relate that to my own life because what if it is my past that I am able to use as an avenue to help better my chances for the future.

I’ll explain more on that in a bit.

One thing is for sure, I will always be defined as the many mistakes and troubles that are my past. So “fuck it…why not tell you all about it.”

I mean, it’s a hell of a tale. Still, I wonder if you would want to hear it.

Deeper still is this urging to make something better for myself while incarcerated. There is so much I must do in an effort to get my life back on track after all this is behind me and my greatest hope is to begin working on that right now.

Every day I hear stories about people who have been exactly where I am and just how hard it was for them to get their life back on course.

Notice how I say “try”.


Because in most cases, these folks don’t get their life back on track, they end up right back in the same shit, in the same trouble.

Personally, I know the struggle quite well from the countless times I have tried and failed only to end right back locked up.

Well, no more will that be the life I am willing to settle for. In fact, I’m not willing to settle at all.

Right now I am in the most important stage of my incarceration thus far. It’s do or die at this point. Sink or swim.

I’m either gonna utilize every possible channel I can to better my chances for the future. Or I am going to fail.


So just what is it that I must do in an effort to get my life back on track?

One thing.

Pay off the mountainess debt that is what I owe in court fines.

If I don’t do this, then I don’t do anything. And I will explain more on that in a later post.

The point right now is this… I have to do all that I can to better my chances after released and the biggest key to that is at least attempting to pay off my court fines.

So with all that being said, I have come up with an idea of turning some of the most, biggest, craziest stories from my past into a few different eBooks. The idea is to use these stories as a way to help me get out from underneath some of this debt that will ultimately hinder my chances if not paid off.

Now, with all that being said my question to you is…

Would you be willing to show your support and purchase an eBook for $1.99 if that purchase was to help me get my life back on track? This poll is only to give me a sense of things so please be honest.


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