Making candy in prison…

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll I had posted.

Making candy is quite the hustle to have. First of all, there are many different kinds of candy guys in here make.

There is peanut brittle.



All sorts of different stuff.

All of this can be profitable to invest in while incarcerated, but only if done on a large scale.

This one guy who I know in here who we will call candy man, he makes tons of candy.

A large scale candy operation usually yields like 100-200 pieces of candy every two or three days. And at .30 a piece of candy it is easy to see how making candy, especially at this level can be worth the effort.

100 pieces of candy equals 30 dollars.

200 pieces for 60 dollars.

Do either of these twice a week and by being the thing… you got yourself a bonafid prison hustle.

Candy man always has the goods too. Which is great for a candy junkie like myself.

An important aspect to being a candy man is always having product on hand. If you don’t, your clientele could get mad. Then exchanges like the one I have with candy man could take place every once in awhile.

“Hey candy man, what do you have for me today?”

“Sorry, Joe I just ran out of candy.”

“It’s okay. I might say.” “Go fuck yourself!”

Yes the plight of a candy man isn’t always easy.

It’s a buyer’s market and the name of the game is satisfying your customers.

But customers aren’t the only people here who can give you a hard time. As with most every prison hustle, your biggest worries are the “people”.

You know, the janks.

The cops. Or wannabe cops that is.

By the way, Guards have a 100 different things they are called here.

Yes the guards can put a damper in any prison hustle, especially making candy. I seen the candy man get busted a couple of different times, losing a single batch or even his entire stash.

That is a hell of a blow to take, especially when the candy you sell is your biggest source of income. Or even your only source of income for that matter.

Making candy is low risk in the grand scheme of things. That’s probably why it is such a popular adventure to explore. But with the good comes a little bad…

Everyone knows that making candy is low risk, and it can be high yield in a profit aspect. That means there is competition everywhere.

How do you beat the competition everywhere?

Two ways.

One you make more candy than everyone else and you keep candy on hand especially when your competitors have none.

And two you start a little rumor. Something like “Dude don’t buy any more candy from Dave. I caught him picking his toe nails while he was making his last batch.”


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