5 things you need to know in order have a successful prison hustle

  1. Watch for the haters… this is by far the biggest thing you must be aware of when trying to run a successful prison hustle. And for two reasons… one a hater could very well tell on you for whatever reason whether jealousy or envy. And two a hater could set you up to be robbed for the same reason. Haters are cancerous to anything they come in contact with.
  2. Do not “ass bet”…ass bet in prison refers to not having and knowing you do not have the money needed to cover whatever it is you are putting out there. For example in order to run a successful gambling ticket, people need to know that if they win they will be paid quickly and without problem. Whoever is running a gambling ticket should have at least 300-400 dollars on hand in case of multiple winners, or a couple of different big winners who hit at one time. If that money is not there to cover those winnings then you are “ass betting” your credibility and good name will not be worth anything. If ever you are figured as someone who ass bets, then you can bet your ass it will be hard as hell for you to have any other sort of prison hustle.
  3. Avoid the bad money… Again bad money individuals are guys who don’t have money to pay for shit. (See top 5 reasons you suck in prison) Bad money sounds sort of like ass betting doesn’t it? Well the bad money guys are more so the customer aspects where as the ass betters are more like the retailers. No prison hustle can survive without faithful paying customers. And something that can cripple a hustle or put a major dent in one is doing business with “bad money”. Take a store box for example, a store box loans shit out all day long on credit and good faith and commissary items will be repaid with tax but all the time you will see guys coming up talking about why they don’t have what they owe. Bad money causes problems and headaches that nobody wants.
  4. Keep it on the low… Whatever it is that you do as a hustle while incarcerated, the less people who know about it the better. Some hustles are more needed to be “kept on the low” than others. Gambling tickets and tattooing are a great example of hustles that should be kept on the low. Whereas washing dishes, laundry and candy, they don’t really need to be kept as low. Well unless in front of a guards face… all hustles must be kept on the low in that regard.
  5. Pay attention to everything and everyone…(especially those who are paying way to much attention to you…) The last thing you ever want is to be caught off guard or in the proverbial sense, “holding the loaded gun.” Random shake downs of your property can really shake things up for your hustle. Then again, random property searches are hardly ever random. Most come due to the wrong person seeing or getting wind of you and what you’re doing. That is why keeping it on the low and watching for the haters is so important. But even doing those two things you still have to pay attention. Part of paying attention also entails keeping the shit that can get you in trouble away from you. If you tattoo that means keeping your supplies somewhere else, gambling tickets are the same thing. Never shit where you sleep in a sense. If you’re fortunate enough to have a hustle that really thrives, never get to full of yourself. Big headedness and walking around with this holier than thou air about yourself will always ultimately be your greatest undoing. Why? Because you are certain to lose focus about what is going on around you. You become too concerned about making sure people see you “on top” and if ever you get that far off course then you’re bound to fail because you definitely are not paying attention.

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