The top ten hustles to have in prison…

Number 10 is washing dishes… The bottom of the barrel of prison hustles yet all so important all in the same. There are literally guys here who will wash dishes for a cup of coffee. Or even a single ramen noodle! Have no pity on these guys though; they survive in their own way. And they never go hungry either because prisoners are always eating so in turn there are always dishes to wash.

Number 9 laundry… If you’re not good at much else and you’re willing to put your pride aside, you can always wash and fold other prisoners laundry. Most prisoners love having a laundry man who they can trust to wash and fold their clothes. And just like the dishes at a single ramen noodle alone who can resist?

Number 8 the hustle man… A hustle man is a guy you can go to with anything you might want to sell or for anything you might want to buy. Hustle men are always selling something and for a little extra too so they can make some money themselves. Hustle men know all the prisoners who have all the big money and they are probably the most plugged in guys on the compound. At every prison it doesn’t take long to find out who the hustle men are.

Number 7 Mr. fixes it… One thing about prison is guys here have all sorts of shit. T.V.s, cd players, head phones, shoes, shorts, sweat pants… and with all of these things there is always something that needs repaired. Headphones short out, sweatpants rip… things always need to be fixed and if you can fix them you can survive a little easier here.

Number 6 candy… Making candy is a great way for anyone to jump into the hustlers world there is not a lot of risk involved in this either. Yet if you do get caught, chances are you will lose your product which in terms equals a big hit to your money. It doesn’t take much money to start making money here but of course more money equals more product which equals more money. There is all sorts of candy that guys make while in prison and there is a huge market for all of it. I’ll get further in depth with this later as I chronicle a candy maker in his adventure.

Stay tuned because 5-1 is to come later…


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