Survival week

Welcome to survival week!  This week is going to be an adventure as I give you a real deal inside look at how prisoners “get by” on a daily basis while in prison.

Prison hustles are the biggest part of this, so of course, they will contribute the largest portion of all that I will tell you about.

This week you will learn what the best hustles are that prisoners use while incarcerated. I will even break down a few of these “hustlers” day to day activities.

Think of it sort of like an episode of “cops”.

You know, you’re right there along for the action. That’s what I am going for here. Except minus the whole cops thing, because this is prison after all…

And we know fuck-ee with the police-e-a.

I will also tell you some major dos and don’ts about running a successful prison hustle. There are plenty of things you need to know and a whole lot you need to watch for in order to be prosperous in your chosen field of hustle while on the inside.

I’m not sure who this will benefit.  I mean, I don’t know who out there in the world needs this sort of information.

But then again, maybe someone does.

Maybe someone out there has been thinking long and hard about a possible trip to prison…

Maybe this will be useful to them.

But if you’re not someone who has been thinking that sort of thing, well maybe your interest will be peeked as I tell you all about what guys do just to survive on the inside.


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