Hustlin to survive in prison

In prison the name of the game is survival. But this is deeper than just watching your back. Though watching your back is one of the biggest things you must do while incarcerated,   It’s not the only things.

Survival in here also implies making your stay in these lofty state provided accommodations as comfortable as possible.

Having money to buy things is a big part of that. Especially when a lot of things you need to buy are things you need like hygiene products, writing supplies and food.

And though all of these things are important, food might even top the list of things needed. I mean, prison isn’t winning any awards for the way we are fed here.

To emphasis that point even further, I think it was in Texas where it happen. But it was something like some food got mixed up and the prisoners there were actually being fed DOG food! This went on for a    little while before anyone even realized there was a mix up.

Just a little “dog” food for thought.

Back to the whole survival thing though…

There are things prisoners want and need that make the time they must serve easier. Even if only just a little.  All of these things cost money of course. But not every prisoner is fortunate enough to have the outside support it takes to be able to pick up a phone or pen and ask someone to send them some money.

Ironically, in many places it is the prisoners who don’t have this luxury who actually survive a little or even a lot better than the guys who do. But only if they have a great hustle.

Many prisoners have hustles while incarcerated.

Some are good.

Some are great.

Some barely scrape by while others explode.

They have money coming in from everywhere.

Having a hustle while in prison is also a great way to pass the time. Your hustle becomes your job in here. It’s what you do every day to survive. And though some are innocent enough like washing and folding other prisoner’s laundry or even washing their dishes others are a lot more risky.

Other hustles carry heavier implications like getting caught, going to the hole, losing all your good time.

Some of these more risky hustles include tattooing, running a gambling ticket, or stealing out of the kitchen.

These are a few of the bigger hustles that can land you in a world of trouble in prison.

Hell, I should know firsthand.

In the beginning of my incarceration, tattooing was all I did. But I got caught like four different times. And not because of my own doing. I didn’t just let a CO walk up on me while I was running ink. No. The reason I got caught was because of some hatin ass mother fucker always telling it.

Once again the whole snitching thing.

Finally, I came to realize it just wasn’t worth it. It’s hard to duck the guards AND the snitches.

Prison is its own little society equipped with its own throbbing economy that is in part kept alive by hustles.

These hustles are like 9-5 jobs for prisoners…

Keeping them busy.

Helping them thru the time they must serve.

A funny little thought…

While people in the real world wake up every day and get ready for work, so do prisoners. Only in a lot of cases their work includes lucrative hustles.

Prisoners wake up thinking about how to not get caught today.

What they must watch out for in order to survive and prosper.

Prison hustles are exciting, thrilling and adventurous. So this next week is dedicated to just that… prison hustles.

Sorta like shark week on Discovery channel. Except instead of sharks, everything here will be related to prison survival by whatever means necessary.

Get ready…. It’s survival week here on Joewriteshiswrongs.


One thought on “Hustlin to survive in prison

  1. Me brother ran a bit of a gambling hustle. I don’t believe he was ever caught for it. Hustling has always been a gift of his.

    That is very disturbing about the food, but definitely not surprising…me brother hasn’t told me much about his time inside, but I remember how vividly he described his joy in a letter when he got to have a REAL burrito with an instructor he had for a carpentry course he took, to celebrate his certification. The instructor brought in the ingredients himself and they made the burritos together. I wept when I read that letter…

    Excellent post.


    Autumn Jade

    Liked by 1 person

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