The top 5 continued number 1

Number 1 being a snitch… without question, this easily tops out as number one on this list. Being a snitch or even being thought of as someone who “tells” is the absolute worst thing you could ever be thought of. And yet, plenty of prisoners do just that- tell it.

It’s actually crazy but about two days ago a perfect example of this that ranks number 1 on the top 5 reasons of why you suck in prison took place.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me this wild story about something that had happen in his housing unit the day before. 

He said this guy was getting some “ink” done when another prisoner went to the officer’s booth and told on him.

The officer’s booth is positioned so that officers can see into both of the housing units in each building.

There are two housing units in each building.

Well, it just so happen that when this scum of the earth piece of shit prisoner went to tell it, at the little hole prisoners speak into to communicate with the officers, there was another prisoner from the other housing unit at the little hole on his side.

The other prisoner heard everything the snitch said and he was also a good friend of the guy who was being told on.

Quickly he sends word to the guy who was his friend who just got “dimed” out and that guy then confronted the snitch.

As this was relayed to me it went something like this…

“Hey did you just tell on me you piece of shit?!?”

“Come into the bathroom because I’m gonna beat your fucking ass.”

I guess the snitch said okay.  But first he went and grabbed two congregation locks and put them on his hand like some brass knuckles.

The snitch went into the bathroom and hit the guy he had just told on, and split him open pretty decent. But with blood gushing out of the guy who was told on he still commenced to whooping the snitches ass.

Oh, but that’s not all!

As these two are fighting in the restroom unseen by the officers, another piece of shit scum bag prisoner goes to the hole and tells on these two who are fighting!

What happen?

The officers rush in and lock up everyone.

The two who were fighting, the “teller” and the “tell-e”…

They go to the hole.

And… the snitch who went and told on the two who were fighting, he is also sent to the hole.

Good for the officers who locked up these two worthless snitch fucks and what a shame for the other guy.

All of this is just an example of why being a snitch tops out top on the list of what makes you suck in prison.


2 thoughts on “The top 5 continued number 1

  1. Excellent articles as usual! I have noticed lately that your posts are noticeably becoming better and better!!
    Kudos to you Joe.

    I have a question regarding your Top 5 List though – I had always heard/thought that men convicted of predatory sex crimes and especially those crimes against innocent children were considered the worst of the worst. Where do they belong on your list?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You bring up a good point and I am definitely going to talk about that in a little. Men like that are definitely scum of the earth and are treated the worst here and are made sure to have it as hard as possible in here.


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