Top 5 things countdown

Number 2 bad money… You know what’s worse than having no money while incarcerated? Spending money you don’t have and will never have or be able to repay.

Bad money.

In every prison and every state there are prisoners who are known for their horrible credit. Those who are definitely not to be trusted to repay ANYTHING.

This in term makes them a liar and a cheat.

Nobody likes those types of people.

This is high on the list of why you suck in prison because prison like the real world is a functioning little high society because of money.

Money makes the world go round.

Even in prison.

Let me tell you some situations I have seen and heard about dealing with bad money and guys here in the “clink”.

One time this guy borrowed so much stuff, he ended up owing over $100! Knowing he would never be able to pay back what he owed, he walked right up to some random guy and punched him in the face.

They starting fighting, he went to the hole.  Then he got transferred.

Money forever lost but was never there anyways.

In other instances, and more commonly seen, guys will borrow a bunch of shit or run up some crazy bill owing money for one thing or another and then “check- in”.

They will go to the hole saying they are scared for their life.

Bad money always causes a lot of problems in prison.

Guys get beat up and robbed behind bad money.

They even get killed.

But not where I am at.

The prison I’m at is called a “go home” prison. But at a prison where guys aren’t going home… someone could easily lose their life behind what they owe. That is why bad money checks in so high on the list of why you suck in prison.


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