Top 5 things continued…continued

Number 3 bad hygiene habits… this should be by no real stretch of the imagination that guys with bad hygiene habits check in mid way through this list.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you but here in prison, there are always a few guys here for whatever reason that do not bathe regularly.

They have bad hygiene habits.

Some don’t wear deodorant…

Or brush their teeth.

Some might even have feet that stink so bad you might think a dead fetus is tucked neatly inside their shoes.

By the way I have no idea what a dead fetus smells like.

Not only do the worst of the worst reside in places like these, the most heinously do as well.

How bad are we talking here? You might wonder. Well picture a guy who is rumored to fashion the soap he washes himself with out of old, used, little pieces of soap he finds on the shower floor. Scraps of soap that have been discarded near the same drains that collect large quantities of “baby battered” daily.

Or how about a guy who refurbishes deodorants the same way. A guy who doesn’t take showers everyday and instead bathes himself in old, used, clumped together deodorants.

Rumor has it this guy puts the deodorant down the crack of his ass.

Maybe he does this because he realizes just how bad he smells.

Who knows.

I don’t know why he just doesn’t do the normal sensible thing and just take a shower. But then again this is prison after all. And there is not much here that is normal or sensible for that matter.

I shouldn’t have to say it but I will… No one wants to hang out with or socialize with a nasty mother fucker. Whether in prison or in the world, so, it’s easy to see what this makes the list of why you suck in prison.


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