Top 5 things continued

Number 4 is arrogance…  In terms of making number 4 on the list of why “you suck” in prison, this one is actually a little surprising to me.

For one, I had no idea that other prisoners felt so strongly about an arrogant acting idiot.

And for two. Sadly. I myself, at times, am an arrogant acting idiot.

Nobody really likes the guy in prison who is super full of himself. Especially if his reasons to feel this way are delusional.

To my defense, my reasons are not. My reasons to be full of myself are probably the polar opposite of delusional. Meaning they are very well founded.

As I write this I can’t help but think how arrogant I sound.

Quickly, though. Let’s exam my reasons to be cocky…

Captain, coach, lead striker in goal scorer for my little prison soccer team.

Mural painter, artist, awesome guy.

Phenomenal writer, great constructor of many words put together decently.

I’m the prison pen-pal connection….

If you’re lonely here I’m who you want to know.  I’m the reason a lot of guys have chicks to write.

I’m somewhat of an urban legend too. Many stories are told of the many chicks I met before I met my awesome Jen.

Don’t understand that too well?

Then I highly recommend you read “The Crazy Chick”.

With all that, I haven’t even MENTIONED Joewriteshiswrongs…

That’s a whole other can of worms by itself!

Interestingly enough, all of what I just mentioned isn’t even everything either. I could probably go on for a little while more about why I can at times be arrogant.

But wouldn’t that, in itself be arrogant?

See… I’m not THAT arrogant.

And let’s explore another side of this arrogance coin. Shall we?

What some see as arrogance can also be defined as confidence. But the reason it is seen by some as arrogance is like what they say about beauty…

It is all in the eye of the beholder. And if the beholder is a “hater” or is jealous or has envy in his heart about what someone else has that they them self do not have, then it is easy to say about that person that they are arrogant among many other things.

So as you can see, I justify this a lot because this one strikes a cord for me.

I’m sure my logic isn’t COMPLETELY right. But to some degree, it might be.

Just a little.

Or, maybe, I’m just being arrogant.


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