Omg… is this Ebola?

Forgive me if the writing is a little less than the usual sub hardness. At this point, I am on the verge of delusional that’s how sick I am.

So here is the back story…

It all started a couple weeks ago when this new guy moved into my housing unit who was basically knocking on deaths door…

That’s how sick HE was.

Within the first week of his arrival the population of the housing unit started to decline health wise.

First, a couple of people started getting sick and then even more. Unfortunately, I was part of this first group of people to get sick. Except my symptoms were nowhere near what everyone else’s were.

Basically I was only mildly congested, while others were showing more flu like symptoms.

My irrational thinking accredited this to my super human like immune system. Add a little Kerosene to the fire… I even tried to justify while others showed worser symptoms.

They must have aids.

They must have advanced immune efficiency system and their body has zero capability of combating whatever kinda nasty virus this was that was going around.

My body’s compatibility to fight the virus was fucking Rambo, or at least in my mind that’s what I thought it was.

Key word here…”thought.”

Within a few days of me battling the sign of congestion it went away.

There should be an “S” on my chest for god sakes.

Boy, would all that dumbass type of thinking really come back to bite me in the ass.

Fast forward to Monday that just past, it all started out well…

I had a big soccer game that night where I knew I would be missing 5 of my players due to a softball game that was also to be played that night.

Again, sports are huge in prison.

I would only have the bare minimum of allowed players for the soccer game that night. 10 players including myself… no subs… and we were to play a team that can very easily beat us. A team that I really wanted to beat because they have two of the best players on the compound.

Why is all this soccer stuff so important?

Well, that is when it all began…

At 4pm Monday I was outside practicing doing just fine until I stopped for just a moment.

That is when I felt that intimate feeling…

Aching in my bones.

Oh my God, I was getting sick. Only this time “for real sick”.

Feverish… flu like sick.

I knew it was coming just from that achy feeling. Yet here I was on the soccer field two hours away from a big soccer game that I had to play.

Not to get all egotistical here but not only am I the coach, I’m the biggest scoring threat for my team. There was no way I could miss this game.

I took a break. I went inside and instantly began shaking. I was freezing! The flu like symptoms were coming on full force like an avalanche down a mountain. My superman-Rambo immune system was about to get buried.

By the time it was game time, I just wanted to DIE. But somehow I mustered up every ounce of strength in my being and went outside anyways.

The game began, and it was torturous trying to play. I sent the shot that lead to my team scoring in the beginning of the game. I was playing good. But so was the other team because shortly thereafter they also scored.

By half time it was 1-1 and a little 5 minute break in between 40 minute halves only allowed me to feel just how much more sick I was getting.

The second half started and I did all I could to try to score or at least help my team score again. But score again we did not. We tied the game 1-1. I guess that was the best I could hope for given the circumstances.

That night, I had never felt worse.

I was achy and shivering…

Full force fever.

And since Monday I have been up and down on this rollercoaster of illness. What’s even scarier is here I am knee deep in death like sickness and one of the biggest news stories right now is about the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

That’s a real comforting thought.


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